2017 Singapore - Malaysia Tour

Traveling is one of the best ways to create memories with your family. That's why my wife and I would always make sure that we have at least one trip annually. For this year, we went on a 7-day Singapore-Malaysia Tour last 2017

Here's our itinerary:

2017 Singapore - Malaysia Tour

Day 0 April 26, 2017

Our 8:20PM flight aboard Cebu Pacific 5J803 brought us from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 to Changi International Airport in Singapore. We arrived at around 11:55PM and we spent our first night in the country sleeping in the airport.

Off to Singapore!

Hello Changi International Airport!

Day 1 April 27, 2017

We left the airport early going to our "home" for 3 days at Hougang Street 91 #02 Unit 312. We were planning to visit the museums and old temples after a quick rest but it rained heavily that whole day so we went on a food trip at a nearby mall instead. It is where we got our first taste of local dishes like laksa and ice kachang.

Taste test - Laksa

Day 2 April 28, 2017

The weather was perfect for exploring Singapore.  We availed the 3-day Singapore Tourist Pass so that we would have a worry-free commute experience. We headed to Sentosa Island for a whole day tour of the island.   We ended our day by visiting the Ci Yuan Hawker Center near our place for a food trip/ dinner. 

Here are the things that we enjoyed to see and do on the island:

Thank God I availed of the 3-day Singapore Tourist Pass!

Lake of Dreams in Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island map

Check out the Sentosa Island Merlion

Sentosa Island Cable Car

Siloso Beach

Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso Skywalk

Day 3 April 29, 2017

It is another great day to tour the country. This time we maximized our Singapore Tourist Pass by visiting these places:

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Little India Singapore

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Singapore Chinatown

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Sri Mariamman Temple

Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore River Cruise

Merlion Park

Day 4 April 30, 2017

We were set to go to the historic town of Malacca/ Melaka in Malaysia today but we got an invitation from our very close family friends who were also vacationing in Singapore to spend a day with them. Of course, we'd choose to bond with our friends so we ditched our Malacca trip and true enough had a great time with them. Here's what we did on our extended stay in Singapore:

Strolling down Orchard Road

Food tripping at Orchard Boulevard

Checked in at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

A view from the top of Marina Bay Sands

Nighttime stroll at Clark Quay


Enjoying the night at Clarke Quay! 

Day 5 (May 1) 

Our family is heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today, However, before we do, I had to finish several errands like getting the SGD20 refund for our 2 3-day Singapore Tourist Pass and also exchanging our Singapore Dollars into Malaysian Ringgits. While I was doing this, my wife and daughter enjoyed the buffet breakfast and the aquarium pool of Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

Peninsula Excelsior Hotel - Singapore

Enjoying the aquarium pool of Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

Time to go to Malaysia!

7-hour road trip? No worries!

After finishing the said errands, we bid farewell to our close friends and proceeded on to Queen Road Terminal then rode a bus out of Singapore to Larkin Terminal in Malaysia. From there we transferred to another bus for the 7-8 hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived at our destination at around midnight and stayed in The FACE Suites Platinum which would be our home for the day.

Day 6 May 2, 2017

We went for an early morning swim in the rooftop infinity pool of The Face Suites. It has a beautiful panoramic view of the city including the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Afterward we packed up our bags in preparation for our 1:20AM night time flight back home. Before checking out, we went on a walk to visit the Petronas Twin Towers and also have our brunch. 

Amazing view from the infinity pool on top of The Face Suites Platinum

The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Team Nicerio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

After checking out, we went straight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) and waited half a day inside the airport for our 1:20AM flight back home. 

Day 7 May 3, 2017

Good morning from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! This is it, the last day of our 2017 Singapore - Malaysia Tour

We have been in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) for almost half a day already since our flight was still at 1:20AM. To spend time we explored the airport and did whatever we could so that we won't be bored due to the long wait. 
Waiting for our flight back home

Ella exploring the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

We finally boarded our 1:20AM Cebu Pacific flight going to Ninoy Aquino International Terminal 3 and arrived in the Philippines at around 4:55AM officially wrapping up our 2017 Singapore-Malaysia Tour.


  1. What a wonderful trip you had! Looks like the little one also enjoyed it a lot. Even we are planning a trip to Singapore this year. Will definitely visit Sentosa , aquarium, and the zoo since that's something our daughter is going to enjoy a lot.

    1. Your daughter would surely enjoy it. My daughter sure did. =)

  2. I stayed right next to the Petronas Twin towers when I visited Malaysia.I stayed at double tree by Hilton. Your Singapore itinerary seems very relaxed which would have given you some more time to enjoy the essence of the place.I didn't know there was an infinity pool in Malaysia.Did you try the infinity pool in Marina Bay sands ?

    1. Hi Harini, yes we did. How was your double tree by Hilton experience? Would love to know more about it too. I'd probably try that out someday. =)

  3. I miss Singapore and Malaysia. They're places in Southeast Asia I'd really love to explore more when I go back to that region. You made my mouth water because of that laksa! And it was marvelous that you decided to spend the day at MBS with your relatives. 😊

    1. You should definitely come back to these two countries Rye. Given a chance I'd go back to explore it more. =)

  4. Great photo from 'The Face Suites' of the morning sun by the Petronas towers. I have done this trail sometime back from Siloso beach to Clark Quay to Mariamman temple, so while seeing your pictures, I felt like rewinding the clock.

    1. It's really great to hear that. =) Would love to see how your adventure went though. =)


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