Osaka Castle - Osaka

Located in 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka Prefecture in Japan, Osaka Castle (大坂城 or 大阪城, Ōsaka-jō ) is one of Japan's most famous castles. It also played a major role in the unification of Japan during the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle History

Under the orders of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Osaka Castle was built in 1563 on the site of the Ikko-Ikki Temple of Ishiyama Hogan-ji. Toyotomi wanted the castle to look like that of the Azuchi Castle (Oda Nobunaga's headquarters) but it turned out much better. 

Osaka Castle - Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Castle was completed sometime in 1597, however, Toyotomi Hideyoshi died soon after. The castle was then passed to his son Toyotomi Hideyori.

Map of Osaka Castle Park

Otemon Gate going to Osaka Castle grounds

Eating ice cream at one of the stalls near the gate

The Expo '70 Time Capsule

Details of the capsule's opening date.

Osaka Castle was built on two raised platforms of landfill supported by sheer walls of cut rock. The central castle building is five stories tall with an additional three stories underground. 

The castle as seen several meters away from the gate

Statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Going back to its history... In 1614, Tokugawa Ieyasu attacked Toyotomi Hideyori and started the Siege of Osaka. Despite being outnumbered, Toyotomi's forces managed to protect the castle's outer walls. After a cease in hostility, Tokugawa agreed to stop attacking the castle granting that Toyotomi should have the outer moat filled. The tensions erupted again when Tokugawa found out that Toyotomi is massing a larger army and stopped filling up the moat. 

A history marker near the castle

Osaka Castle moat

A dried-up part of Osaka Castle's moat...
Godzilla and Angilas fighting near the castle (and destroying it after) photo from

As seen in Detective Conan Movie 7: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital

In 1615, Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces managed to route the defenders and as a result, the Toyotomi clan perished. In 1620, the heir to the shogunate, Tokugawa Hidetaga began to reconstruct the castle. He assigned the task of constructing new walls to individual samurai clans.

Different pictures of the castle facade:

Throughout the years the castle was also subjected to the wrath of Mother Nature and the destructiveness of man. The castle burned after being struck by lightning in 1660 and 1665. It was also burned in the civil conflicts during the Meiji Restoration and was destroyed during bombing raids in World War 2. Osaka Castle was restored several times in 1620,1843,1928 and 1995.

Osaka Castle was under reconstruction in 1928

The Backpack Adventures visits Osaka Castle

We got to visit Osaka Castle on the 12th day of our 2014-2015 Japan tripOur visit to Osaka Castle was unplanned. It was after our trip to Dotonbori that our Japanese family surprised us by bringing us to the castle. Sadly, the castle museum/ interior was closed when we visited. We spent our time checking out the souvenir shop and took nice photos of the castle facade and its surroundings instead.

Osaka Castle Entrance Fee:

It's FREE to enter and explore Osaka Castle grounds. However, in order to enter Osaka Castle's Keep, you need to pay 600 yen.

Osaka Castle Operating Hours

Osaka Castle is open from 9AM - 5PM.

Why visit Osaka Castle?

Osaka Castle is a must-visit if it is your first time visiting Osaka City. The castle is a symbol of the city. As most people would probably say, you haven't visited Osaka if you didn't visit Osaka Castle. 

Getting to Osaka Castle:

Ride the JR West, Osaka Loop Line. Board down at Osakajokoen Station and walk several blocks going to the castle.

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