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Nishiki Market - Kyoto

Located at Nishikikoji-dori between Teramachi and Takakura, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Nishiki Market (錦市場) is a five-block long shopping street known as Kyoto's Kitchen. 
Nishiki Market DetailsAlso called Nishiki Ichiba by the locals, this narrow shopping street is famous for retail stores that specialize in food-related products. This is a good place to buy high-quality knives and cookware, fresh seafood, different ingredients, and Kyoto specialties like streets and dried seafood, different ingredients, and Kyoto specialties like sweets and dried seafood.

Nishiki Market is also home to several stores selling exotic foods like thetakotamago, barbecued sparrow, and many more. So if you're looking to test your palate with unique and sometimes weird flavors then I highly encourage you to visit Nishiki Market. Some of the exotic food in Nishiki Market that you should try out:

Kyoto's Edo-Style Starbucks Revisited 2019

It was only last 2018 that my wife, daughter, and I first got to visit Kyoto's famed Edo-style Starbucks. We revisited it again during the 4th day of our 2019 Japan trip. 

For those who are still unfamiliar with the Edo Style Starbucks, this branch is the first-ever Japanese-style Starbucks in the world. That means this branch is designed using Japanese aesthetics like tatami mats and Noren curtains. Since this branch is located in the historicNinenzaka Areawhere the stores and establishments were preserved and still retains the traditional machiya-style Kyoto buildings, it is not a surprise that this branch is housed into one of those traditional buildings as well. 

The machiya where the Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Chaya branch (its official name) was incorporated was actually built over 100 years ago. Surprisingly, Starbucks incorporated its modern facilities in the machiya so well that the historic structure retains more than 90 percent of its original interior and exterior …


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