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Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 36

Weekend 36: July 9 - 10, 2022 Day 250: July 9, 2022 Saturday - Rumoi HS School Festival Day 1 Rumoi High School 7/9/2022 It's a beautiful sunny weekend. However, I will report to work today because Rumoi High School is celebrating its 2-day Rumoi High School Festival . Rumoi High School Festival 2022 opening ceremony Most of the clubs have rooms that they transform into booths. I stayed with my English Chat Club . Our club chose the theme of Harry Potter for this year. I helped them by setting up and managing the beer pong quiz. It was fun seeing my students play and answer questions about the Philippines. We wrapped up the first day at 3:30PM and cleaned the classroom we used before going home. Rumoi High School Festival 2022 English Club Booth Rumoi High School Festival 2022 My day didn't end there though. That evening, I headed out to Joshua's house for the farewell party for Abi and Guy. I was too busy bonding with the ALTs that's why I wasn't able to take pic

Taishi Festival Rumoi 2022: Cultural Adventure

Taishi Festival Rumoi 2022 Formally referred to as the Rumoi Shotoku Taishi Festival , the Rumoi Taishi Festival is one of the many similarly named festivals celebrated across Japan in honor of Shotoku Taishi also called Prince Shotoku . He is known for his role in spreading Buddhism and also in drawing up a new constitution called  Jushichijo-Kenpo .  Taishi Festival Rumoi details Celebrated in the last week of June, Rumoi Taishi Festival is popular for the dozens of yatai stalls that are set up on the uphill Jinjashita dori  in Nishikimachi, Rumoi City. This event gives the food street vibes that you would rarely see in Rumoi City. Rumoi Taishi Festival starts at the Hokokuji Temple Food in Rumoi Taishi Festival 2022 Grilled squid Kawaii Lollipops Juice and shakes Choco coated fruits Barbecue  Baby Castella cakes Okonomiyaki Speaking of yatai stalls, there are a plethora of food stalls during the Rumoi Taishi Festival that sells different kinds of food from traditional Japanese

Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022

I got to visit Kamuiwa Park ( 神居岩総合公園 ) for the first time with my family on May 4, 2022 . Three days later, we returned to see the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022 event.  Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022 Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination Event details Although not as large or popular as those in Tokyo and Osaka, the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination event in Rumoi City , Hokkaido, is a way for locals to welcome spring after a long, cold (and sometimes brutal) winter, for which the city is famous. Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination 2022 - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture The theme for this year is " Sakura no Oka in the 21st Century " or 21st Century Cherry Blossom Hill . The event is organized by the Urban Environment Department - Urban Development Division with the cooperation of the Rumoi Branch Youth Division of the Dohoku Electric Works Cooperative Association.  Photos of the Kamuiwa Park Sakura Illumination event They installed lights to illuminate about 30 Ez

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