Taishi Festival Rumoi 2022: Cultural Adventure

Taishi Festival Rumoi City
Taishi Festival Rumoi 2022

Formally referred to as the Rumoi Shotoku Taishi Festival, the Rumoi Taishi Festival is one of the many similarly named festivals celebrated across Japan in honor of Shotoku Taishi also called Prince Shotoku. He is known for his role in spreading Buddhism and also in drawing up a new constitution called Jushichijo-Kenpo

Taishi Festival Rumoi details

Celebrated in the last week of June, Rumoi Taishi Festival is popular for the dozens of yatai stalls that are set up on the uphill Jinjashita dori in Nishikimachi, Rumoi City. This event gives the food street vibes that you would rarely see in Rumoi City.

Rumoi Taishi Festival starts at the Hokokuji Temple

Food in Rumoi Taishi Festival 2022

Grilled squid
Grilled squid

Kawaii Lollipops
Kawaii Lollipops

Juice and shakes
Juice and shakes

Choco coated fruits
Choco coated fruits


Baby Castella cakes


Speaking of yatai stalls, there are a plethora of food stalls during the Rumoi Taishi Festival that sells different kinds of food from traditional Japanese food like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, kushiyaki, and yakisoba to western food like frankfurts and even Turkish kebabs. 

Game Booths in Rumoi Taishi Festival 2022

Shooting game
Shooting game

Goldfish sukui

Bakery House

There are also sweet stalls here that sell choco bananas, candied apples, wataame, taiyaki, crepe, and different kinds of flavors or beverages. Of course, it won't be a festival without stalls that are dedicated to festival games like the kingyo sukui (金魚すくい) or goldfish catching, shateki or cork-gun shooting game, super ball sukui or super ball scooping, and raffle draws. 

Some locals say that this year's festival is smaller than the pre-pandemic years

I'm happy to see this many people in one place. 

This 2022, the Rumoi Taishi Festival was celebrated last June 21- 22 which was my 34th week here in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) under the JET Programme. The festival started at around 3PM and ended sometime around 9PM. I got to check it out with my family on both days. In my opinion, the best time to visit is when it gets dark as the light from the yatai stalls adds to the festive ambiance of the street. 

 Ella with my students from Rumoi High School

Aside from the food, what I love about the Rumoi Taishi Festival was the fact that most of my students at Rumoi High School were there. It was heartwarming to hear my name being called left and right. This made me feel like a VIP and in a way I enjoyed it. 

Team Nicerio joins the Taishi Festival of Rumoi

Overall, this was my first festival/matsuri here in Rumoi City. This makes me excited for the other festivals that would be celebrated this coming summer. 

When is the Taishi Festival celebrated?

The Rumoi Taishi Festival is celebrated in the last week of June. Last 2022, it was celebrated on June 21 (Monday) and June 22 (Tuesday).

Why experience the Rumoi Taishi Festival?

The Rumoi Taishi Festival might not be as big as the other well-known festivals in Japan but it is a festival that you should experience if you live in Rumoi City or any nearby town. Much more if you are the Assistant Language Teacher of Rumoi. It's essentially a festival to have fun, meet and hang out with friends, and of course, enjoy food. I highly recommend it. 

Getting to Nishikimachi, Rumoi City 

From Sapporo or Asahikawa, Rumoi City can be reached by bus or by train. However, to date, buses are the most convenient as it goes direct to Rumoi City and does not require you to transfer, unlike trains. 

Once in Rumoi, you can ride the A Course Bus from the Rumoi Station bus stop to the Nishikimachi bus stop. The Rumoi Taishi Festival is held near the bus stop.


  1. This reminded me of the local festival here in Semboku.

    1. That's nice to hear. I think this kind of festival is common in many cities and towns in Japan.


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