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NAVI 2020 Travel Journal - My New Travel Buddy

With 2019 coming into a close, it's now time to organize and plan your 2020. What better way to do it is through the NAVI 2020 Travel Journal by Viviamo! Inc.

True to their name, Viviamo! (We Live! in Italian) Inc. came up with products that aim to help their valued customers manage and organize their time and also improve their productivity so that they could live life awesomely. 

The NAVI 2020 Travel Journal is one such product. The people behind this product went all out on quality and content so that the users could really maximize each page and also be inspired to travel and explore the world this 2020. In my opinion, there is literally no dull page in this travel journal. 

Speaking of quality and content, the NAVI 2020 Travel Journal has an elegant intricately-designed matte leather cover engraved with a world map and a golden compass. It has a 176 full-color Smyth-sewn pages and an expandable back pocket. 

It's content includes:
Motivational pages like the "How to navig…

Klook Sale Offers

Looking for discounts and limited offers for your next adventure around Asia? 

You don't need to go far to find them. Klook offers some of the juiciest deals around. Here's a list of discounts and limited offers on many of your favorite destinations. Please click on the deal to avail of the promo. Also, don't forget to use the Promo Codes to get that exclusive discount.


Get P400 Off any Korea activity with min spend of P5,000 with code GUIDETOKR

Get P300 Off any Klook activity with min spend of P5,000 with code KLKGUIDE

Get P640 Off any Japan activity with min spend of P8,000 with code GUIDETOJP

Get P360 Off any Singapore activity with min spend of P4,500 with code GUIDETOSG

PHP 180 off with 2 adult tickets of Science Centre Singapore + Omni Theatre Movie + Butterflies Up-Close SCS19PH


Get P300 Off any Klook activity with min spend of P5,000 with code K…

Exploring Japan with Klook

After availing of some of their services during our recent 22-day adventure in Japan. I saw how helpful Klook was for travelers like me so when I discovered Klook's affiliate program, I took the opportunity to partner with them. I'd like to share with you some of the most useful services offered by Klook that would surely help you make your trip to Japan fun and hassle-free. So read along and discover what these services are.

Here are some of my highly recommended (and tested) services from Klook, just click on the image and avail of the services that you want:

1. JR Rail Pass For those who want to explore as many places in Japan as they could, my top recommendation is the JR Rail Pass. This pass gives you unlimited ride to almost all the JR railways and buses all over Japan. Choose between the 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day Rail Pass that suits your itinerary.
2. JR Area Pass For those who want to extensively explore a particular region, The JR Area Pass is …

Published: Art in the North and Through the Lens

March is not only my birthday month, it seems to be my lucky month too. I'm happy to share that two of my articles were published in the March 2018 issue of TravelPlus Magazine.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you article 1 of 2, the Art in the North. It's an article that takes a new perspective about the northern provinces of the Philippines. It also tells you how these northern provinces can help you nurture the hidden artist in you.

Article 2 of 2, is all about my once in a lifetime interview with "The Master" Sonny Yabao titled Through the Lens. Here, he talks about his humble beginnings, his style, and what lies ahead. 

These articles might inspire you to become artists someday. Please do grab your copies of the March 2018 issue of TravelPlus Magazine in your nearest bookstores. 

Thanks a lot, guys!

Take Me to Bali with The Evian Baby Bay Promo


Would you believe that a single bottle of natural drinking water could bring you to Bali, Indonesia?

With The Evian's Baby Bay Promo, that seemingly farfetched idea can become a possibility. Well, to those who participated in the contest though. This promo was rolled out last March 1 and was open until April 30, 2017. Joining it was very easy. (Check out the photo below.)

To give possible contestants a taste of Bali, the organizers invited bloggers and the public last March 17-19 to try out what their booth in The Robinson's Supermarket in Robinson's place Ermita, Manila has to offer. The highly interactive and Instagram friendly booth allowed customers to try out the Evian Baby Surf App Game. 

Going back to the Evian's Baby Bay Promo, the winners will be selected based on the highest number of valid entries. Among these entries, only one will be lucky enough to win a 3D2N stay in Bali for 2. What's cool about this contest is that 30 others will get the chance …

Published: Sands of Pasacao

The Backpack Adventures got one of its adventures published again!

The April issue (Vol.8. No. 4) of TravelPlus Magazine features one of the least visited places in Camarines Sur.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to youPasacao! A few of you probably heard this place but did you know that this place is dubbed as the Summer Capital of Camarines Sur (CamSur)?

I was also featured in the Team Travelers section of the magazine.

Please do avail of the latest issue of TravelPlus Magazine and learn more about this beautiful place!

Experience Quezon 2016: Discovering New Destinations

The province of Quezon has always been close to my heart. As a matter of fact, my X chromosomes are from the bloodlines of the hardworking natives of the province while my Y chromosomes, on the other hand, are from the oragon people of Albay. 

That's why, when I got an email from the Quezon Tourism Office inviting me to participate in a media tour of their province, I immediately said yes. For me, it's like coming back home and exploring each part of the hose more thoroughly. 
Experience Quezon 2016: Discovering New Destinations is a 4-day media tour event that aims to promote new and potential tourist destinations in the province. Aside from that, the tour also promotes the unique delicacies that the province has to offer.

Check out the places that we visited, cuisines that we tested,and festivals that we joined in our 4-day media tour:*

Day 1 Infanta-Real

Day 2 Tayabas- Atimonan -Pagbilao


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