Experience Quezon 2016: Discovering New Destinations

The province of Quezon has always been close to my heart. As a matter of fact, my X chromosomes are from the bloodlines of the hardworking natives of the province while my Y chromosomes, on the other hand, are from the oragon people of Albay. 

Experience Quezon 2016: Discovering New Destinations

That's why, when I got an email from the Quezon Tourism Office inviting me to participate in a media tour of their province, I immediately said yes. For me, it's like coming back home and exploring each part of the hose more thoroughly.

The 4-day event goes from May 13-16, 2016

Check out our bus!

My media and blogger friends

Experience Quezon 2016: Discovering New Destinations is a 4-day media tour event that aims to promote new and potential tourist destinations in the province. Aside from that, the tour also promotes the unique delicacies that the province has to offer.

Check out the places that we visited, cuisines that we tested, and festivals that we joined in our 4-day media tour:*

Day 1: Infanta-Real

Blue Pavilion Beach Resort (Infanta)

Welcome drinks - Lipote Juice (Infanta)

Infanta Suman tasting activity (Infanta)

How to make a Sinantolan dish activity (Infanta)

Katmon fruit and katmon jelly (Infanta)

Surfing tutorial in The ParK  (Real)

Dinner in Blue Pavilion Beach Resort (Infanta)

Day 2 Tayabas- Atimonan -Pagbilao

Hermano Puli Shrine (Tayabas)

Pancit Habhab at Liwag Pancitan (Tayabas)

Malagonlong Bridge (Tayabas)

Quezon Protected Landscape (Atimonan/Pagbilao)

Zigzag Park (Atimonan)

Talk about traditional medicine with Kuya Jacob

Quezon Herbal Pavilion (Atimonan)

Minukmok making activity (Pagbilao)

A traditional dance number by the Atimonan Dance Troupe

Cortijo de Palsabangan (Pagbilao)

Day 3 Gumaca-Tayabas-Lucban

Entering Gumaca

Arana't Baluarte Festival (Gumaca)

Kuta San Diego (Gumaca)

Gumaca Cathedral

Mayohan sa Tayabas Festival

Graceland Estates and Country Club (Tayabas)

Pahiyas Festival (Lucban)

Day 4 Tayabas-Lucena

Graceland Estates and Country Club (Tayabas)

Chocolate Balls with lambanog for dessert

Delinong Manok dish making and tasting (Tayabas)

Tayabas Basilica (Tayabas)

Restroom 20 in Lucena City

*Please click the link to find out more about the place, food, or event mentioned.

Those were some of the most memorable 4 days of my life. I do hope that I would be invited again on another tour of the province one of these days.


  1. hi
    i can see u had a grt time , Quezon seemed as per ur article to offer the right combination of traditional , modern and nature



    1. Hi Sumit, yes Quezon province seems to have all the great places to visit. I particularly love the food and the festivals.

  2. Lovely festival, I would visit it!

  3. Seems like an amazing place with lot or cultural activities. Your post has captured all so well.

    1. Thanks Indra. Those were but some of the things to do and see in the province. A road trip to this province would surely be memorable to anyone.

  4. Sounds like a very good media trip that included a lot of different aspects of Quezon. And for you, as you said, exploring a part of the house more thoroughly - it must have been a wonderful experience. Nice that they included surfing lessons also

    1. Hi Neha. =) I was hoping that they do an island hopping event next time. =) I would surely hope that I get invited in it as well.

  5. Liked the colours of the festival in Gumaca. The images of Tayabas and Gumaca remind me of a portugese colony in India called Goa. It has similar vibes. Maybe I'd love to know more about Quezon. You could write more or make a short video of your experience.


    1. Really? I would love to see Goa for myself someday.
      There is a separate article for each festival, places, and food mentioned in this article. =)
      You might want to read more about it too.

  6. It is great you got the opportunity to explore a place you have links with. Thanks for sharing so many varied aspects of Quezon with us. Blue Pavilion beach resort looked really nice to me.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes that is true. Quezon has so many varied aspects to experience.

  7. That is an interesting catch line; X Chromosomes and Y- Chromosomes. I think, most of the Filipinos have inherited a trait of travelling, isn't it? I see so many of them travelling and writing about them.

    1. I believe so too. I think being an archipelago made us want to reconnect with each other. Aside from that, there are really so much to see and explore in the Philippines.

  8. That is a beautiful bus! I want some Pancit Habab now :( I think there are really many wonderful underrated places in the Philippines! Great photos.

    1. You should try out the pancit habhab. It is really something worth experiencing.

  9. Hi Neil! I remember these days! haha! It has been a year but the memories are still fresh from our Quezon trip. I do hope we could have another trip again. Nice photos too!

    1. Hi Ms. Gel, wow imagine that, it has been a year already. Thank you so much for everything. I do hope we could get to go on a trip again. =)

  10. Seems like a great outdoor, heritage and cultural experience. You did seem like you had a lot of fun. How old was that bridge though and what is its significance? Curious to know

    1. Hi Ami, there is another article for each of the things, places, and food featured in this article. You may want to visit them too. =)


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