Published: Art in the North and Through the Lens

March is not only my birthday month, it seems to be my lucky month too. I'm happy to share that two of my articles were published in the March 2018 issue of TravelPlus Magazine.

TravelPlus Magazine - Vol. 9. No.1

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you article 1 of 2, the Art in the North. It's an article that takes a new perspective about the northern provinces of the Philippines. It also tells you how these northern provinces can help you nurture the hidden artist in you.

It's nice to see you again bro!

Time to head north to nurture my artistic side

I felt like a Padawan with this guy around

Article 2 of 2, is all about my once in a lifetime interview with "The Master" Sonny Yabao titled Through the Lens. Here, he talks about his humble beginnings, his style, and what lies ahead. 

Saw one in National Bookstore and got me a copy before it runs out.

These articles might inspire you to become an artist someday. Please do grab your copies of the March 2018 issue of TravelPlus Magazine in your nearest bookstores. 

Thanks a lot, guys!


  1. Wow, great job getting published! As a fewllow writer and creative I know how difficult that can be!!

  2. It's always so delightful to get published in print media. Wonderful job. Congratulations! I hope many more articles will follow

  3. Wow, I know that your happiness now is incomparable for this accomplishment of yours. I remember my first article published in a magazine before really made happy, and I think that pushed me to write and share my travel backpacking adventures around the Philippines even more. Congrats on this brother, I know that you'll have more of it in the future.

    1. Thank you so much Reniel. =) It's really nice hearing from you.

  4. I know Sonny Yabao. He was a great photographer. Thank you for writing about him. May he rest in peace.


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