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Ilocos Sur: Calle Crisologo

A tour in the UNESCO Heritage town of Vigan City would never be complete if you won't visit Calle Crisologo. Also known as Mena Crisologo Street, Vigan's most famous tourist spot gives everyone a chance to see and experience life during the Spanish Colonial Era. If you're wondering where the street got its name, it was named after Mena Pecson Crisologo. He is a writer and a respected "son" of the Ilocos region. He wrote Minig wenno Ayat ti Kararwa,  an Ilocano novel which many say is as passionate as Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere. Among Crisologo's works are Don Calixtofaro de la Kota Caballero de la Luna and Codigo Municipal. Calle Crisologo is famous for its cobblestone streets, century old houses, and calesas. Keep in mind that the street is closed to vehicular traffic and only calesas (horse-drawn carriages) are allowed there. Don't worry the whole the whole stretch of Calle Crisologo can be toured by foot too.  By day the street is an enjoyable p…

Cebu: Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

Located in Mactan Island in the province of Cebu, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan is one of the high-end resorts found on the island.

Far from the noise and pollution of the city, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan offer you a wide variety of activities and amenities fit for a king. If you want to experience living a life of class and luxury, this place is right for you.

On the other hand, if you want solitude, nothing beats the comfort of your own private beach. You heard that right, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan offers activities in its own white sand beach. You could try the kayak, jet ski, and banana boat. If you want more adventure, try scuba diving, para-sailing, speedboat tours, and its tow rides.

However, if you're with your family, the kids (and even you're in-laws) would surely love what Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan have in store for them. While you and your sweetheart are enjoying the gym, send the kids to the Crimzone (kid's activity area) and your in-laws to the spa. I…

Albay: Joroan Church

Located in the town of Joroan in Tiwi in the province of Albay. Joroan Church is more popularly known to pilgrims as Nuestra Señora de Salvacion which is the name of the miraculous statuette of the Virgin Mary.
It is said that the town of Joroan and Nuestra Señora de Salvacion are inseparable. Not to mention, the town of Joroan became famous because of the said image of the Virgin Mary.
The story about the miraculous statuette began when a man named Mariano Dacoba, a saltmaker and caretaker, was clearing the land that he was asked to watch over. He cut down a calpi tree to use as firewood. However, after a day he was amazed that the tree did not wilt nor die but instead remained fresh as it was before. He believed that it was a miracle. He shared the story to his master who in turn asked the friar to come over and see for himself the miracle that occurred. The friar in turn called a sculptor named Bagacumba. Out of the miraculuos tree, he carved three statuettes -Nuestra Señora de Salva…

Panagbenga Festival 2012: Cultural Adventure

Celebrated in Baguio every February until the first Sunday of March, Panagbenga Festival is one of the most anticipated cultural event in the Philippines.

Panagbenga is a Kankanaey term that means "season of blossoming, a time for flowering".  Although the festival is a month-long celebration, most people would come to visit what most people would dub the highlight of the festival, which is the floral parade held during the fourth Sunday of  February.

The event opens with showers of rose petals along Session Road. Your eyes would then feast upon beautiful floral floats, synchronized marching bands, lively street dancers, and the occasional celebrities and politicians that pass through selected streets up until the Melvin Jones Grounds.
When we attended the Panagbenga Festival, we made sure to leave manila at night to conserve our energy. Expect that your travel time could be extended up to 10 hours due to traffic.
Aside from that, book a hotel at least two months prior to the …

Hiking Taal Volcano

Our adventure today takes us to one of the most famous volcanoes in the Philippines.Taal Volcano is one of the most active and destructive volcanoes in the country, not to mention the smallest in the world.  Dubbed as a lake within a lake, the volcano's location in the middle of Taal Lake made it one of the most picturesque places in the country.
Adventurers, locals and tourists alike, most likely have with them the two greatest misconceptions about Taal Volcano.

The first misconception where 6 out of 10 people would fall for is the location of Taal Volcano. When asked where you could find Taal Volcano, most people would answer Tagaytay City in the province of Cavite. Yes, the best view of the volcano is through Tagaytay Ridge but in reality, Taal Volcano is located in Talisay and San Nicolas in the province of Batangas. 
The second and probably the most popular misconception about Taal Volcano is the volcano itself. Shockingly, when asked to point out where Taal Volcano is, 9 out …


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