Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 3

Weekend 3: November 20-21, 2021 Day 19: November 20, 2021 Saturday - MBA 303 As scheduled, I have my MBA 303 class today and was assigned to report on Chapter 5: The Political Economy of International Trade .  Going to Rumoi Post Office Rumoi Post Office That afternoon, after my MBA 303 class, I headed to the Rumoi Post Office to pick up an important mail from the Japanese government. I took this opportunity to bike as well as the post office was about 2.1 kilometers away from my place. Upon arrival, I presented the post office notification letter that I got in my mailbox yesterday to the postmaster.  After a few minutes, the postmaster handed me an envelope containing the Individual Number Card application form and instructions on how to apply for the マイナンバーカード (My Number Card) .  Rumoi MaxValu and Seria Before heading back home, I biked to MaxValu to buy groceries and some personal stuff. From there, I returned home just when it was about to get dark.  Meat and seafood section of M

Japan Diaries 4: Week 3

Week 3: November 15-19, 2021 3rd Week as an ALT in Rumoi City Hey guys! I'm on my third week as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) here at Rumoi High School in Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture. By now, I have already met with most classes here and have worked with most Japanese Teachers of English (JTE).  Here's my activity for the week. Day 14: November 15, 2021 Monday - Rumoi My work today was light. As a matter of fact, I only had one team teaching opportunity today. Regardless, I used my free today to study Japanese.  Here's my workload for today: 5th period - Jiko shokai class @ 2-2 of Shiko-sensei Time to go home for now. See you tomorrow Rumoi High School 11/5/2021 Dinner that I bought from Seicomart in Chidoricho Day 15: November 16, 2021 Tuesday - Rumoi My message for my co-teachers in Rumoi High School was posted in the pantry area Here's my workload for today: 3rd period - Telephone conversation activity @ 202 of Motoyama-sensei 5th period - IPS Reading c

Golden Beach Rumoi - Hokkaido

Located along Route 231 in Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Golden Beach Rumoi ( ゴールデンビーチ留萌 )   is probably the most popular among all the tourist attractions of the city.  Golden Beach Rumoi Golden Beach Rumoi details Golden Beach Rumoi is a three-kilometer long brown sand beach situated between Reuke fishing port and Mt. Shokanbetsu to the south and Cape Ogon to the north.  Golden Beach Rumoi - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture This beach/bathing resort was completed in Heisei 12 (2000). To date, it is one of the longest beaches in Northwestern Hokkaido. The beach is visited by hundreds of people during summer which is around July - August.  Some of my photos of Golden Beach Rumoi Golden Beach Rumoi is the venue for the Auto-Camper Festival which draws campers from throughout Japan. Before the COVID Pandemic, the Sea of Japan Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament was also held here in early July.  The northern breakwater The middle breakwater The best time to visit Golden Beach Rumoi i

Rumoi Shrine - Hokkaido

Rumoi Shrine ( 留萌 神社 ) is a prefectural shrine located at 14-16 Miyazonocho, Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . It has a history that dates back to 1786. Rumoi Shrine  ( 留萌 神社 ) Rumoi Shrine details Autumn Visit As mentioned, Rumoi Shrin e 's history dates back to 1786 when Hikoemon Suhara enshrined the spirit of Ichikishimahime Mikoto in Itsukushima Shrine in Aki, Hiroshima.  Back then, Hokkaido was still referred to as Ezochi and is still mostly Ainu land. However, the southern part of the island was part of the Matsumae Clan's feudal lands and was in charge of the "protection" of the whole island until the Tokugawa Shogunate took direct control of it due to the perceived threat from Russia.  Rumoi Shrine - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture During the Meiji Restoration, Ezochi became known as Hokkaido and the island was subdivided into provinces namely Oshima, Shiribeshi, Iburi, Ishikari, Teshio, Kitami, Hidaka, Tokachi Kushiro, Nemuro, and Chishima.  The ste

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