Golden Beach Rumoi - Hokkaido

Located along Route 231 in Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Golden Beach Rumoi (ゴールデンビーチ留萌) is probably the most popular among all the tourist attractions of the city. 

Golden Beach Rumoi

Golden Beach Rumoi details

Golden Beach Rumoi is a three-kilometer long brown sand beach situated between Reuke fishing port and Mt. Shokanbetsu to the south and Cape Ogon to the north. 

Golden Beach Rumoi - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture

This beach/bathing resort was completed in Heisei 12 (2000). To date, it is one of the longest beaches in Northwestern Hokkaido. The beach is visited by hundreds of people during summer which is around July - August. 

Some of my photos of Golden Beach Rumoi

Golden Beach Rumoi is the venue for the Auto-Camper Festival which draws campers from throughout Japan. Before the COVID Pandemic, the Sea of Japan Cup Beach Volleyball Tournament was also held here in early July. 

The northern breakwater

The middle breakwater

The best time to visit Golden Beach Rumoi is from July to mid-August. However, remember that this is the busiest time of the year as plenty of people from different parts of Hokkaido would usually flock here as it is also the swimming season. During this time, a fireworks display is held on the beach every Saturday at 8PM.

The designs in the northern breakwater

The first time I visited Golden Beach Rumoi was on November 14, 2021 (Sunday). It was my 2nd weekend as an ALT here in Rumoi City. Since November is already part of the winter season, the beach was void of any swimmers. 

Basky and I visit Golden Beach Rumoi

In the Philippines, when you say beach, the first thing that comes to the minds of most Filipinos are the sun, humidity, and crowds of people but that is not the case here in Golden Beach Rumoi. Summers here are short and most of the time it's windy. When I say windy, this is characterized as chilly and usually strong winds. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Golden Beach Rumoi

Despite this, I still enjoyed Golden Beach Rumoi, as a matter of fact, I tried biking from one end of the beach to the other to try out my GoPro and my Relive App. Overall, since I'm now living around 30 minutes away, I plan to visit the beach and see what it looks like during each season. 

Golden Beach Rumoi Fees

It's FREE to enter and explore Golden Beach Rumoi. However, you need to pay the parking fee of 600 yen during the swimming season. There are places that you can rent to pitch your tent. 

Golden Beach Rumoi Operating Hours

Golden Beach Rumoi is open 24/7. However, the swimming season is from July to mid-August. 

Why visit Golden Beach Rumoi?

As mentioned, Golden Beach Rumoi is the main tourist attraction of the City of Rumoi in Hokkaido. It's one of the best places to visit in the prefecture during summer. 

Getting to Golden Beach Rumoi

From Rumoi Station, walk to the nearby Rumoi Station #2 Bus stop and ride the Rumoi Betsukari (Mashike) Line. Board down at Okimichi 3 Chome bus stop. From there, you can walk down to Golden Beach Rumoi. However, buses are scheduled so if you're not familiar with them, you can check the bus schedules by clicking this 👉LINK👈.

Travel Time: 10 minutes
Bus fare: 220 yen




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  1. I camped here a long time ago when I was still an ALT in Asahikawa. It was memorable.

    1. I have been an ALT in Rumoi City for 3 years now and I haven't camped here yet. Hahahaha


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