Anawangin Cove - Zambales

Located several kilometers away from the town proper of Pundaquit, San Antonio in the province of Zambales, Anawangin Cove is one  (if not the most) of the tourist destinations of the province. Anawangin Cove Anawangin Cove Details Anawangin Cove  is known for its out-of-this-country like feels. Visitors of this cove would surely be awed with the unusual view of the forest of pine trees serving as the backdrop to the fine secluded beach instead of the typical coconut. The cove also has a river that adds drama to its already picturesque pine forest. The best part of it all is that this cove has little man-made structures. Anawangin Cove - San Antonio, Zambales Heading to Anawangin Cove by boat Gotta love the view here in Anawangin Cove . The place has numerous huts to rent if you don't want to get burnt by the sun Well... that was my impression when I first visited Anawangin Cove way back in 2007. Sadly, some things do change negatively... Typhoon Emong and Pep

Ifugao - Mt. Province - Benguet 2017 Tour

Long before the advent of social media, going to the inner municipalities of Ifugao, Mt. Province, and Benguet requires extensive research, patience, and luck. Today, one can easily visit these places simply by availing tour packages offered by different travel companies online.  Ifugao - Mt. Province - Benguet 2017 Tour My wife and I took this opportunity to avail of the  Sagada Tour Package of Travel Galore . For us, this tour package is a total blessing. Just to share... half a decade ago, we planned a do-it-yourself trip to Sagada . However, natural calamities like typhoons and landslides combined with personal reasons like our marriage and having a baby had put the said plan in the " pray-it-will-push-thru " bin.  Check out our stops in the map below: What we find great about the tour package was the fact that despite being called a Sagada Tour Package , it is actually a tri-provincial tour. It is more of an Ifugao - Mt. Province - Benguet Tour  with just an

Baker's Hill - Palawan

Located in Barangay Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City in the province of Palawan, Baker's Hill is one of the tourist attractions of the city. Baker's Hill Baker's Hill details Literally found on top of a hill, Baker's Hill got its name from the bakers found on the said hill. What on earth are they doing there you might ask? Well basically, Baker's Hill is pegged as a theme park showcasing the skills of these bakers and of course their creations. However, if you'd ask me, the only place you'd see them and their works of art are the bakeries found at the front part of Baker's Hill and probably the pizza parlor inside the vicinity. Baker's Hill - Puerto Princesa City, Palawan You won't miss this place. Thanks, Bruh! Oh yeah! This place is open every day 7AM - 8PM That girl on the left is popular among the men Team Nicerio visits Baker's Hill He's the one guy who makes cupcakes Try bringing your da

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