Baker's Hill - Palawan

Located in Barangay Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City in the province of Palawan, Baker's Hill is one of the tourist attractions of the city.

Baker's Hill

Baker's Hill details

Literally found on top of a hill, Baker's Hill got its name from the bakers found on the said hill. What on earth are they doing there you might ask? Well basically, Baker's Hill is pegged as a theme park showcasing the skills of these bakers and of course their creations. However, if you'd ask me, the only place you'd see them and their works of art are the bakeries found at the front part of Baker's Hill and probably the pizza parlor inside the vicinity.

Baker's Hill - Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

You won't miss this place.

Thanks, Bruh!

Oh yeah!

This place is open every day 7AM - 8PM

That girl on the left is popular among the men

Team Nicerio visits Baker's Hill

He's the one guy who makes cupcakes

Try bringing your date here on Valentine's Day.

You can buy some pasalubong here...

or here... Baker's Hill bakeshop

Try out this unique pasalubong - tuyo pastillas 

Spicy Sampaloc - The best pasalubong ever!!!

Probably dismaying to some who are looking for caged bakers... this destination still ranked 4 stars on This high rating mostly came from bread lovers and from people who loved the ambiance of the place. Aside from bakers and bread, visitors would expect to see a beautiful big modern house, plenty of statues of several Disney characters (and a baker statue of course), a serene garden slash mini aviary, and several restaurants.

Hey man, you look familiar. Have I seen you before?

Nice flower decoration arrangement

Till next time!

The good thing about Baker's Hill (aside from bakers and bread) is that non-bread lovers would still enjoy visiting it due to the non-bread dishes and snacks sold in its restaurants and bakery. You could also buy and eat the infamous tamilok in its restaurant.

Ella visits Baker's Hill

I got to visit Baker's Hill with my family on the last day of our 5-day Palawan Trip last 2016. It was also our last stop for the said tour. Overall, it is a nice place to buy edible pasalubong. I particularly love the "red dilis" snack or whatever you call them. I would definitely try to visit the place again someday and try out its ambiance during the night. 

Baker's Hill Admission Fee:

I'm happy to share that there are no admission fees to enter Baker's Hill.

Baker's Hill Opening Hours:

Baker's Hill is open from 7AM to 8PM every day.

Why visit Baker's Hill?

Baker's Hill is a must-visit destination for those looking for quality food souvenirs. You might also like to try out the pizza of Little Calvin's Pizzaria. It's something worth tasting.

Getting to Baker's Hill:

Baker's Hill is usually part of the Puerto Princesa City Tour but if you plan to commute to this place from Puerto Princesa City,  then head to Rizal Street and ride the Irawan bound jeepneys. Tell the driver that you're heading to Baker's Hill. He will drop you off at the intersection going there. From there, you can ride the tricycle going to Baker's Hill.


Overall Rating


  1. The bakery looks beautiful. And I am sure it attracts kids a lot. I guess when I go to Palawan with my daughter, we will definitely make it to baker's hill. And I am pretty sure she will love the experience. She is anyways a fan of baked goods.

    1. I'm excited to hear how your trip would go. All the best! Enjoy your trip to Palawan!

  2. this place reminds me of baguio city .. there is a farm with a bakeshop in baguio,,, i forgot the name .. btw, is this a famous site in pp? if so, i missed this during my stay.. what a shame :( maybe next time i can come here

    1. Hi Erica, well it's part of the PP Tour so I guess it's a famous place in PP. =) You should visit this place when you go back to Palawan. The baked goods are nice. They even sell tamilok. =)


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