Dai Garan - Wakayama

Located in Mt. Koya/ Koyasan , Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, Dai Garan or Danjo Garan ( 壇上伽藍 ) complex is a monastic complex deep in the mountains of Koyasan. It is also one of the two most sacred sites in Koyasan. Dai Garan Dai Garan History The name Dai Garan came from the word  dai  which means great and  garan  which was derived from the Sanskrit word  samgharama  which means "a quiet and secluded place for Buddhist monks to gather and practice". Dai Garan   or   Danjo Garan  ( 壇上伽藍 ) - Mt. Koya, Wakayama The Konpon Daito pagoda as seen from behind the Kondo The Konpon Daito Pagoda as seen from the side Kobo Daishi Kukai (founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan) began the planning and construction of Dai Garan in 816. The monastic complex consists of several important religious structures like the following: Kondo Kondo - This building serves as the main hall of Koyasan and is where many rituals and ceremonies are held. The Kondo was originally calle

Mt. Koya - Wakayama

Located in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan , Mount Kōya ( 高野山, Kōya-san ) is the collective name of the eight-peaked mountain in the prefecture which is said to resemble a lotus plant. Mt. Koya Mount Koya History Mount Kōya was first settled by the monk Kukai in 819. Today, it serves as the world headquarters of the Kōyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism. You could also find the town of Koya in the 800-meter high valley in the mountain. The town has a university dedicated to religious studies. It also has 120 temples, many of which serve as lodging to pilgrims. Mount Kōya   ( 高野山 ,Kōya-san ) - Wakayama Prefecture Mt. Koya Map The road  up to Mt. Koya . The town on Mt. K ōya Places to see and visit in Mt. Koya: Koyasan's Daimon Dai G aran temple complex Kongobuji Temple Okunoin Cemetery Kobo Daishi Gobyo In 2004,  Mount Kōya , along with two other locations on the Kii Peninsula, Yoshino, and Omine; and Kumano Sanza, was designated by UNES

Koyasan Daimon Gate - Wakayama

Located in the west end of the town of Koyasan / Mt. Kōya , Wakayama Prefecture in Japan , Mt. Kōya's Daimon  also called Koyasan Daimon Gate   ( 高野山 大門 ) is considered by many, especially the pilgrims, as the main entrance to the town. Mt. Koya's Daimon Koyasan Daimon Gate History Also called the  Great Gate ,  Mt. Kōya's  Daimon is an important cultural property of Japan . The first structure was built in the Tsuzuraoi Valley before being moved to the present site in the 12th century. The current building was rebuilt in 1705. The  daimon  is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites dubbed "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range". Mt. Kōya's Daimon   ( 高野山 大門 ) - Koyasan, Wakayama This way to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites I wonder what that means... One of the fierce guardians enshrined in the Daimon A torii leading up to another part of the mountain History of the Daimon The Daimon Gate   measures 21.4

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