Koyasan Daimon Gate - Wakayama

Located in the west end of the town of Koyasan / Mt. Kōya, Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, Mt. Kōya's Daimon also called Koyasan Daimon Gate (高野山大門) is considered by many, especially the pilgrims, as the main entrance to the town.

Mt. Koya's Great Gate
Mt. Koya's Daimon

Koyasan Daimon Gate History

Also called the Great GateMt. Kōya's Daimon is an important cultural property of Japan. The first structure was built in the Tsuzuraoi Valley before being moved to the present site in the 12th century. The current building was rebuilt in 1705. The daimon is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites dubbed "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range".

Mt. Kōya's Daimon (高野山大門) - Koyasan, Wakayama
Mt. Kōya's Daimon (高野山大門) - Koyasan, Wakayama

This way to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites

I wonder what that means...

One of the fierce guardians enshrined in the Daimon

A torii leading up to another part of the mountain

History of the Daimon

The Daimon Gate measures 21.4 meters by 7.9 meters and stands 25.1 meters tall. The most notable thing(s) that one can easily see in the daimon is the giant statues inside it. They are called Kongo-Rikishi or Guardian Deities. These statues were created by Koi and Hokkyo-Uncho. Both were famous Buddhist sculptors during the Edo Period.

Team Nicerio at Koyasan Daimon Gate

Look at the size of Mt. Koya's Daimon Gate 

Mt. Koya's Daimon as seen from the front

Check out those fierce-looking guardians!

We got to visit the daimon during our trip to Mt. Kōya on the 23rd day of our visit to Japan. It was the first historical structure in Koyasan that we got to see. It was also in the vicinity of the daimon that we got to experience real snow. In fact, I did my first snow angel right beside the Great Gate.

Thank you, Mr. Toshi, for bringing us to Mt. Koya!

Made my first snow angel

We posed for a family picture at the Torii of the Women's Pilgrimage Trail

Here's what's beyond the gate.

Koyasan Daimon Gate Admission Fee:

You can visit and explore the Koyasan Daimon Gate grounds for FREE.

Koyasan Daimon Gate Opening Hours:

Koyasan Daimon Gate is open 24 hours every day.

Why visit Koyasan Daimon Gate?

Seeing the massive Koyasan Daimon for the first time would surely make you excited of what's more to see in Mt. Kōya. Plus it also reminds you that everything beyond the Great Gate is sacred.

Getting to Mt. Koya's Daimon:

Ride the Nankai Electric Railway from Namba Station in Osaka to Gokurakubashi Station at the base of the mountain. Then ride a cable car going up the mountain. You could also drive up the mountain, however, take note that your tires should be able to run through slippery roads especially in the winter season.

If you are coming straight from Kansai International Airport, you might want to try this out.
Ride the Nankai Line from Kansai-Airport Station to Tengachaya Station. Board down and transfer to the Nankai-Limited Express and board down at Hashimoto Station. Board down again and transfer to the Nankai-Koya Line. Board down at Gokurakubashi Station. Go to Gokurakubashi Station Cable Line and board the Nankai Koyasan Cable to Koyasan Station. From there walk to Koyasan Station bus stop and ride bus #21 to Okunoin Mae bus stop.
Travel time: 3hrs  
Fare: 2900 yen


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