Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas 2014

Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas is an Illumination event held in Expo Commemorative Park in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture every December 12 to 15 and December 20 to 25. Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas 2014 Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas Details Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas is known for the high-tech 3D mapping projections done onto the symbolic tower called Tower of the Sun . These projections are also called  Beam Painting .  Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas 2014 - Suita City, Osaka Prefecture The show is about to start... All that color made the Tower of the Sun really stand out This one reminds me of an octopus While this one reminds me of a carrot... The illuminated streets have... illuminated butterflies... ...and illuminated kissing dogs The theme of this year's illumination is called Miracle . It is about fairies and the fantasy world they live in. This is then projected directly to the body of the uniquely shaped Tower of the Sun . Aside from this beautiful s

Tower of the Sun - Osaka

Found in  1-1 Senribanpakukoen  in the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita City in Osaka Prefecture, Japan , the Tower of the Sun ( 太陽の塔 Taiyō no Tō )is a famously known symbol of Expo '70 . Tower of the Sun Tower of the Sun history The Tower of the Sun was created by Japanese artist Taro Okamoto as part of Expo '70 .  It was   formerly housed in the Festival Plaza building known as the " Big Roof " until 1979 when the building was removed. Tower of the Sun - Suita City, Osaka Prefecture The Golden Mask and Face of the Sun are shown in the picture on the post. The Face of the Sun The Black Sun The Tower of the Sun is 70 meters tall. Its base has a diameter of 20 meters and each of the two arms is 25 meters long. Aside from its unique shape, the tower is also known for its three faces. The faces are the Golden Mask which is on the top, the Face of the Sun is in front and the Black Sun is on the back of the tower. Tower of the Sun as seen from t

Japan Diaries: Day 3

Day 3 Dec. 21, 2014 Expo 70 Commemoration Park Good morning Japan ! It's a sunny day! However, the weather outside is still cold. Today, we'll be heading to Suita City in Osaka Prefecture. Heading to Suita City in Osaka We left the Kameyama residence and drove to Suita City early to watch the dodgeball tournament of Akiko's youngest son. Sadly, his team lost but it was a great game and the kids enjoyed it. After the game, we went on a little walk in Nishigawara Park (we also did some picture taking of course) Shita-kun doing his best during the competition in his school. A stone marker at Nishigawara Park . Delicius pasticceria Bough some cake from Delicius Pasticceria Next stop: Crocchetta Take out food from Crocchetta We then drove going to the Muro residence, we passed by several restaurants to buy some takeout food for the get-together party. We bought food at Delicius Pasticceria (yup that's how they spelled the word  delicious ) and C

Rengakan Illumination 2014: Cultural Adventure

Rengakan Illumination is an illumination event held at Rengakan or Brick Museum ( 煉瓦館 ) in  1 Chome-10-1 Gomonnishi, Kumatori Town, Osaka Prefecture in Japan every first of December until the twenty-fifth of December. Rengakan Illumination Rengakan Illumination 2014 Details Rengakan Illumination is known for the different presentations by different schools in the area. These presentations include performing bands, choirs, and individual presentations. There are also arts and illumination exhibits and also some interactive activities. Rengakan Illumination - Kumatori, Osaka Prefecture The illuminated pathway to Rengakan Light up your heart... Ella seems to enjoy the Rengakan Illumination Festival The performing children's choir One of the food stalls around Lining up for some authentic Japanese food. Any special event would not be complete without food... And that is always present during the Rengakan Illumination. Rengakan has some unique food stores

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