Tower of the Sun - Osaka

Found in 1-1 Senribanpakukoen in the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita City in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, the Tower of the Sun (太陽の塔 Taiyō no Tō)is a famously known symbol of Expo '70.

Tower of the Sun

Tower of the Sun history

The Tower of the Sun was created by Japanese artist Taro Okamoto as part of Expo '70. It was formerly housed in the Festival Plaza building known as the "Big Roof" until 1979 when the building was removed.

Tower of the Sun - Suita City, Osaka Prefecture

The Golden Mask and Face of the Sun are shown in the picture on the post.

The Face of the Sun

The Black Sun

The Tower of the Sun is 70 meters tall. Its base has a diameter of 20 meters and each of the two arms is 25 meters long. Aside from its unique shape, the tower is also known for its three faces. The faces are the Golden Mask which is on the top, the Face of the Sun is in front and the Black Sun is on the back of the tower.

Tower of the Sun as seen from the parking lot

Inside the tower, one can see an artwork called the Tree of Life. It's 45 meters high and represents the strength of life. We visited the Tower of the Sun during the 3rd day of our 2014-2015 Japan trip. Although we visited the tower during our visit to the Expo Commemoration Park, we failed to see this artwork because it was not open to the public. Instead, we watched the Ilumi-night Banpaku Xmas event. You can read that HERE.

Team Nicerio visit the Tower of the Sun

Tower of the Sun Admission Fee:

It costs 720 yen to enter the Tower of the Sun Museum. It costs 250 yen to enter the garden

Tower of the Sun Operating Hours

The Tower of the Sun is open from 10AM to 5PM.

Why visit the Tower of the Sun?

You should visit the Tower of the Sun if you happen to be in Osaka Prefecture. It's perfect to visit it in the month of December so that you can witness the Illumi-Night Banpaku Christmas event. 

Getting to the Tower of the Sun:  

From Kansai International Airport, ride the Nankai Dentetsu Line at Kansai Kuko Station. Board down at Nanba Station. From there, ride the subway Midousuji Line (Kita Osaka Kyuko Line) and board down at Senri Chuo Station. Then ride the Osaka Monorail and board down at Banpaku Kinen Koen Station.



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  1. Thanks for sharing! I never heard of this. Very interesting!

    1. I'm happy that I added new knowledge. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Lovely photos. Lovely place. Thank you for sharing this wonderful location

  3. Great... I like that you visit places with greater significance than just a touristy ones..... Something about symbolic places or structures with higher attributes that impacted your life somehow. . ..interesting choice....

    1. I agree. Sometimes it's great to visit places that only a few have been.

  4. Is this still something people can travel too and see please?

  5. This is so cool! I had never heard of the tower of sun. Very neat pictures and facts.

  6. Interesting! One thing to add to my itinerary. Never heard of this one. Do you think the artwork Tree of Life is open to the public now?

    1. Hi Carmen. Yes it is very much open until today. This is the highlight of Suita City in Osaka Prefecture.

  7. Ahhh jealous you got to visit Osaka! I really really want to go!

    1. I believe that you'd get the chance to visit Osaka someday. =) Don't worry.

  8. The Tower of the Sun looks so fabulous! Your blog posts make me want to make sure that our lay-over would be in Japan when we visit Philippines!

    1. Please do visit The Tower of the Sun when you get a chance. The best time to visit is at night when it is illuminated.

  9. So interesting- not sure I've seen anything like that!

  10. Your travel narratives are always engaging. Thank you so always sharing them and I love your adventures. Soon enough, I will visit Japan and I will re-read all your Japan Travel Series. Thanks once again.

  11. This seems like a interesting place. Would love to explore.

    1. Please do add this place to your vacation list. =) Thank you.

  12. Thank you for sharing your experience about the expo. The Tower of Sun is well explained


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