Kilometer 0 - Manila City

Located along Roxas Boulevard just in front of the Rizal Monument in Luneta Park in the City of Manila, Kilometer 0 is the beginning of every traveler's adventure. Kilometer 0 Kilometer 0 details Also called a zero mile marker or control station, Kilometer 0 is usually a particular location (usually placed in the nation's capital city) where distances are traditionally measured. These markers also serve as a starting point when measuring a distance of a specific place. For example, Baguio City in the province of Benguet is located 243.4 kilometers northwest of kilometer 0 in Manila. Some people would even consider the marker as the heart of the Philippines. Kilometer 0 - Manila City The new Kilometer 0 marker of the Philippines The Old Kilometer 0 marker of the Philippines The Kilometer 0 of the Republic of the Philippines is found just across the street from the Rizal monument. The marker was once made from marble with a silver ball placed on top of it. It was rep

Hinatuan Enchanted River - Surigao Del Sur

Hinatuan Enchanted River is famously known for its Pepsi blue waters and unfathomable depth. It is located in Talisay, Hinatuan in the province of Surigao del Sur, Philippines . Hinatuan Enchanted River  Hinatuan Enchanted River Details Hinatuan Enchanted River - Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur Famously known only as Enchanted River, this beautiful destination is actually an underwater spring that eventually flows down to the sea. What most people don't know is that the water that comes out of the spring is actually brackish waters. (It means that the water is a mixture of fresh and salt water.) The Backpack Adventures visits Hinatuan Enchanted River In the past years, several diving expeditions have tried (and failed) to find out the source of the Hinatuan Enchanted River. To date, the mysteries of Enchanted River are still unsolved by man. Check out the map below and see how far the divers have reached. Hinatuan Enchanted River Map Experts all agree that the river

Atimonan Church Part 2 - Quezon

One blog article is surely not enough to cover the beauty and wonder of Atimonan Church . During the first article, I talked about the history of Atimonan , Quezon's oldest religious structure.  Atimonan Church Atimonan Church Details In this second installment of my blog about Atimonan Church , we'll focus on the numerous statues found inside and outside the old church.  Atimonan Church - Atimonan , Quezon Aside from that, we'll also climb its bell tower and take a 360-degree look at the town of Atimonan .  Can you help me decipher that Latin inscription? The statues that you'd probably see first are the statues of angels on the church facade standing watch over the plaza and Lamon Bay.  The most popular among those statues in the church facade is the one of St. Michael the Archangel stepping on the face of the defeated Lucifer. One of the angels you'd see outside Atimonan Church . My cousin Isay posing with his friend St. Michael Aside from

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