Atimonan Church - Quezon

Located in Atimonan in the province of Quezon, Atimonan Church   also called Our Lady of Angels Parish Church   was built sometime in the early 16th century .   Atimonan Church Atimonan Church History Due to the fast-spreading Catholic faith in the country during those times, churches were built hurriedly using materials that were abundant in the area. In the case of Atimonan Church , it could be concluded that the first church was built using wood and stone as the primary material. Ironically, the material used would also be the cause of the first destruction of the church. The church was burnt to the ground in 1640 when the Dutch tried to invade the Philippines. Atimonan Church - Atimonan, Quezon The building on the left is actually the residence of the parish priest Atimonan Church was rebuilt in 1643, this time they added more stone than would to fortify the church and prevent the same thing from happening. Still, the church burned down in 1648. The Atimonan

Bangui Wind Farm - Ilocos Norte

Located in the municipality of Bangui in the province of Ilocos Norte, Bangui Wind Farm is a row of 20 wind turbines stretched along the nine-kilometer shoreline of Bangui Bay. Bangui Wind Farm Bangui Wind Farm Details Did you see the towering "fans" around the coast of Bangui lately? Did you know that these 230-foot tall Vestas V82 wind turbines generate enough electricity to supply a huge portion of Ilocos Norte? Not only that, but Bangui Wind Farm also serves as one of the newest tourist magnets for the province. Professional and amateur photographers would surely agree with me when I say that the neatly arced row of wind turbines serves as a great backdrop to any photo ranging from prenuptial to wacky pictures. Bangui Wind Farm - Bangui, Ilocos Norte I hope our electric fan is this big. Relaxing under the shade of the giant wind turbines Gotta love the view + the giant wind turbines For me, Bangui Wind Farm symbolizes the continuous impr

Rock Formations of Pagudpud - Ilocos Norte

Found in Barangay Balaoi, Pagudpud in the province of Ilocos Norte, Timmangtang Rock ,  and Bantay Abot Cave are two of the most famous and visited rock formations in the municipality of Pagudpud . Rock Formations of Pagudpud Timmangtang Rock and Bantay Abot Cave Details With a distance of roughly 300 meters away from each other, these two rock formations are clearly visible to tourists heading to Maira-ira Beach or Blue Lagoon . From the National Road going to the said spots, the first of the two rock formations that you'll see is the Timmangtang Rock . Timmangtang Rock Bantay Abot Cave Team Nicerio visits Timmangtang Rock This rock formation is covered with lush green vegetation which makes it look like a huge sea turtle's shell left by its owner on the shores of Pagudpud . There's actually nothing special to be done in Timmangtang Rock but shoot photos. Others would climb up the rock to take photos of Bantay Abot Cave from a distance. Timmangt

Food Trip: Taho

We don't really need to go very far for our latest food trip adventure. That is simply because our featured food is a common sight in the streets of the Philippines. It is none other than -the taho . Taho Taho is a popular Filipino snack that is made from fresh silken tofu, mixed with  arnibal  (brown sugar syrup), and sago pearls. Taho is usually peddled by a  magtataho  (taho vendor) early in the morning up until "supplies last."  You would usually hear the  magtataho  yell  "Tahoooooooo!"   as he go around your neighborhood. The taho is traditionally served warm, although some would prefer it cold. If you're planning to avail of one, I highly recommend that you buy it early in the morning for guaranteed freshness. The Classic Taho Melon Taho He's the magtataho in our subdivision.  The silken tofu... The sago and the arnibal are then added to the silken tofu. Make sure to mix the ingredients well. Throughout time, Fi

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