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10 Things to Do in Haboro

10 Things to Do in Haboro Haboro ( 羽幌町 ) is a town in the Rumoi subprefecture of Hokkaido. The town's name is derived from the Ainu language, but its origin is uncertain. The name Haboro may have originated from the Ainu word hapuru , meaning "a smooth sound", or haporopetsu , meaning "the basin of a huge river". For those planning to visit the town of Haboro to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Haboro: Haboro Manhole Cover 1. Take a picture of Haboro’s unique manhole cover . So far, I have seen 1 unique manhole design. There are numerous colored manholes on the streets along Route 747. However, most of them are damaged due to exposure so good luck finding the “most beautiful” one. Haboro Roadside Station   2. Visit  Haboro Roadside Station  ( 道の駅 ほっと♡はぼろ ). It is on the ground floor of the  Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaz a. You can buy souvenirs and also get the Haboro Roadside Station stamp for your stamp collection. You can also eat at th

10 Things to Do in Rumoi City

10 Things to Do in Rumoi City Rumoi City  ( 留萌市 ) is a coastal city located in Rumoi Subprefecture on the northwestern side of Hokkaido Prefecture. The origins of the name Rumoi are found in the Ainu word Rurumoppe . The word has several meanings but according to the Ainu language translator Uehara Kumijaro, Rurumoppe is an abbreviation of the word Rurumowomoppe , which means " The place where high tide mixes quietly into the river ."  For those planning to visit Rumoi City to check what it has to offer, here are the  10 Things To Do in Rumoi City : Rumoi manhole covers 1. Hunt for the 3 different  Rumoi manhole cover designs spread around town. Then look for the lone colored Rumoi manhole cover on the Rumoi Roadside Station grounds. The D613 locomotive engine in Miharashi Park 2. Check out the D613 locomotive engine displayed in Miharashi Park . If you visit in spring, you can follow the path up the hill near the locomotive engine. Near the top of the hill is a hidden saku

Philippine Holidays 2023

It's 2023! Are you planning for your own adventure in the Philippines this year?  Check out this list of Philippine holidays for the year 2023 so that you could book your flights early. Philippine Holidays 2023 Holidays and Observances in the Philippines in 2023 Date   Name Type 1 Jan Sunday New Year's Day Regular Holiday   22 Jan Sunday Lunar New Year's Day Special Non-working Holiday   23 Jan Monday First Philippine Republic Day Special Working Public Holiday   18 Feb Saturday Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj Common local holiday   25 Feb Saturday People Power Anniversary Special Non-working Holiday   21 Mar Tuesday March Equinox Season   6 Apr Thursday Maundy Thursday Regular Holiday   7 Apr Friday Good Friday Regular Holiday   8 Apr Saturday Black Saturday Special Non-working Holiday   9 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance   9 Apr Sunday The Day of Valor Regular Holiday   22 Apr Saturday Eidul-Fitar Regular Holiday   1 May Monday Labor Day Regular Holiday   12 Jun Monday

Avoid Offloading with these 10 Practical Tips

Avoid Offloading with these 10 Practical Tips In the past weeks, I have read numerous horror stories about passengers being offloaded from their flights or being denied entry to their destination countries. I want to share with you some practical tips to avoid being offloaded but first let’s define the word. Offloaded A person who is involuntarily barred from boarding a commercial airplane A person who is involuntarily removed from the plane after he/she has already boarded Baggage that is removed from a flight because the owners failed to show up or board the plane on time. With that, let’s answer the big question – How does one avoid being offloaded from their flight? Let’s begin with some tips pre-flight. Pre-flight tips to avoid offloading: Prepare your documents. Prepare all necessary documents before going to the airport. If it’s an international flight, make sure to bring your passport with you. This should be valid until your return flight. In case your trip needs a visa and t

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