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10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip: Day 1

Driving your car or riding a bus would be your typical mode of transportation when moving about in Mindanao. However, I was lucky enough to experience a unique (and more adventurous) way of traveling in the southern region of the country. The title says it all, It's my 10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip . 10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip: Day 1 I got the privilege of riding a 10 wheeler truck for the first time during my latest visit to Mindanao during my summer vacation. It was my wife who suggested that I should try to write about something unique. She told me to join my father-in-law on one of his trips.  The 10-wheeler truck that would bring me around three provinces in northern Mindanao I found the idea very tempting because I know that very few bloggers experienced this kind of adventure yet and aside from that I was also eager to know the "how-to" in the trucking business in Mindanao. The Backpack Adventure goes trucker mode This is where I

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