10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip: Day 1

Driving your car or riding a bus would be your typical mode of transportation when moving about in Mindanao. However, I was lucky enough to experience a unique (and more adventurous) way of traveling in the southern region of the country. The title says it all, It's my 10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip.

10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip: Day 1

I got the privilege of riding a 10 wheeler truck for the first time during my latest visit to Mindanao during my summer vacation. It was my wife who suggested that I should try to write about something unique. She told me to join my father-in-law on one of his trips. 

The 10-wheeler truck that would bring me around three provinces in northern Mindanao

I found the idea very tempting because I know that very few bloggers experienced this kind of adventure yet and aside from that I was also eager to know the "how-to" in the trucking business in Mindanao.

The Backpack Adventure goes trucker mode

This is where I'll be staying for the next two days.

Check out our load

The wheels need to be cooled every once in a while. Check out hot it gets!

The old Milestone... 77 kilometers to Butuan City

The trip was scheduled in the afternoon because the wood to be delivered was going to be loaded into the truck sometime in the morning. I spent the day planning about the trip and talking to my wife. (She experienced the trip way back, so I asked about how she felt.) I also prayed that the weather conditions would be favorable for us because it was cloudy the whole day. Luckily my prayers were heard and my 3-day, 266-kilometer Prosperidad-Cagayan De Oro trip on a 10 wheeler truck pushed through.

BBQ dinner at Bayugan City

We left Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur at around 5:30 in the afternoon. My brother-in-law decided to join us. He served as my translator and my Wikipedia during the whole travel. (He knows a lot about Mindanao and trucks plus he could talk using the Visayan dialect.)

Passing through the truck weighing device in Butuan City

One of our coffee break stops along the road

We stopped at Bayugan City, Agusan Del Sur for dinner at around 7:00PM. we had several more stopovers along the way due to Police checkpoints and coffee breaks.

Good night Kuya JP

Lights out for me too. Good night guys!

Our last stop for the day was in Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental. My father-in-law decided to call it a night after 9 hours of driving, so we pulled over near a police checkpoint and we set up our "military-type" hammock. My brother-in-law and I were the ones who slept in it. Lucky for us those hammocks have built-in mosquito nets and the huge truck and its cargo protects us from the dust coming from other passing trucks.

That pretty much ends day 1 of our three-day adventure. See you tomorrow!

Here's the second part 10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Adventure: Day 2 and 3.

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  1. That seems so awsome trip u had friend Neil..hmn..and lunch looks so dilicious..hahaha

    1. Hahaha that's true Raavi! At first I thought I was going to eat frogs but when I found out it was chicken whoa boy I shouted for joy!

  2. That is one cool and unique adventure you got there, Neil! And your picture makes me crave for some Filipino dish. Nakakamiss and bbq! haha

  3. Oh yeas! Trucks, street food and hammocks! Reminds of my student time

    1. Really? I wonder what you do during your student years. =)

  4. What an experience. This is definitely one of a kind. Leave apart a 10 wheeler truck, I have not camped out in any truck so far and I badly want to do that. I hope this becomes more popular in rest of the world including India.

  5. Interesting trip. Different experience with different mode of transportation. Well done.

  6. That seems like fun though not something I will ever do. Glad you enjoyed your Day1 and also learnt some about a trucker's life

    1. Yes i did have fun. =) You should try this one out. =)

  7. A truck trip looks interesting. How many people have ridden on trucks, very few I suppose. But truck trips are really very intensive in experience.

  8. Really nice! You should have tried driving the truck hehe it would have been a really great experience for you!

    1. Hahaha! Would love to do that. =) Probably on my next visit.

  9. Interesting road trip. How I wish I could ride in a 10 wheeler too.


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