Japan Diaries 4: Day 20

Day 20: November 21, 2021

Sunday - Asahikawa Road Trip

Good morning everyone! It's a wet and cold day today. Regardless, that won't stop me from pursuing my plan to go to Asahikawa today. I left home at around 7:40AM to catch the 8:08AM Engan bus to Asahikawa City

Waiting for the bus at Motokawacho bus stop

The Rapid Asahikawa Engan Bus bound for Asahikawa

I rode the Rapid Asahikawa Engan Bus from the Motokawacho-1 platform going to Asahikawa Station.  The trip was 2 hours long and cost 1680 yen. What I enjoyed about the trip was the beautiful scenery along the way. There were places with snow already which made me hopeful to see if Asahikawa City is also covered in snow. Sadly, it was not. Like Rumoi City, it was wet and cold.

Arrived at Asahikawa Station

Asahikawa Tourism and Local Products Information Center

I got a free pen from Asahikawa Tourism and Local Products Information Center

I boarded down at the final stop which is Asahikawa Station. From there, I went inside to station to check out the Asahikawa Tourism and Local Products Information Center. They offer free brochures to different places in the region. Aside from that, I also got a free pen for answering the quick tourism survey. I also didn't miss out on the chance to get the Asahikawa stamp for my travel diary.

Inside Asahikawa Station

Explored AEON Mall Asahikawa

From there, I explored Asahikawa Station and got my 2nd eki-stamp here in Hokkaido Prefecture. I also went window shopping in the AEON Mall Asahikawa attached to the station.

See you later Asahikawa Station

Walking along the Heiwa Shopping Street

The Saxophonist and his Cat

I left AEON Mall after almost an hour of exploring the place. I then took a stroll on the 1-kilometer-long Heiwa Shopping Street. There were plenty of restaurants and stores along the street but what caught my attention were the artworks that were displayed in different parts of the street. Some of those that really stuck were The Saxophonist and His Cat by Crokawa Akihiko and The Hands by Kiuchi Reichi.

Asahikawa Symbol Tower

Asahikawa Central Library

Inside Asahikawa Central Library

After continuously walking, I reached the rotunda where the Symbol Tower is located. Upon crossing the street I continued on and checked out Asahikawa Central Library

Just behind the library is Tokiwa Park. It is quite vast and clean which is not uncommon since this is Japan. The first place that I visited in the park was Kamikawa Shrine. It is a shrine dedicated to the god Amaterasu (天照皇大御神). I got my first goshuin in Hokkaido here in this shrine. 

Tokiwa Park

Asahikawa Astronomical Observatory

Chidorigaike Pond

I went to check out the island behind the shrine and was ecstatic to see that it has a scenic view of Chidorigaike Pond. I also called up Mr. Toshi and then my family in the Philippines to say hi and share the views of Tokiwa Park

Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art

Miki Toshiharu's People Line

From there, I headed to the Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art located in the southwestern part of the park. I did a quick visit before doubling back to the northern part of Chidorigaike Pond to see the former Asahikawa Astronomical Observatory

Asahikawa Kaimura Memorial 

Represent 2nd hand shop

Since it was past lunchtime, I decided that it was time to head back to Asahikawa Station. I passed by the Asahikawa Kaimura Memorial near the entrance of Tokiwa Park. From there, I headed back to Heiwa Shopping Street. My wife and I were previously talking about buying a winter shoe that has a non-slip function but found the ones in AEON mall quite pricey so I bought a 3000 yen French-made preloved shoes in Represent which I thought was worth my money. 

Hachiya Ramen

Hachiya Ramen's Shoyu Ramen


By this time, my stomach was about to go on a mutiny so I asked the very friendly salesperson of Represent for any recommendations. I was told to try out Hachiya Ramen at Furarito which is an alley full of restaurants. I ordered the Shoyu Ramen which was said to be the best seller. It costs 800 yen. 

I visited the Starbucks near Chubetsu River while waiting for my bus

After eating, I continued on to Asahikawa Station but because my bus home was still at 3:25PM, I decided to explore places near the station to kill time. That brought me to the Starbucks near Chubetsu River. I was planning to buy a Hokkaido Geography series tumbler but was saddened to discover that it was unavailable. 

Engan bus from Asahikawa to Rumoi City

I returned to Asahikawa Station at around 3PM proceeded to Platform 8 and waited for my bus. I rode an Engan Bus to Rumoi City and the one-way fare cost 1680 yen. I got back home at 5:15PM officially wrapping up my Asahikawa Road Trip. Thanks for reading. See you on my next adventure!

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