Keio Plaza Hotel - Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel (京王プラザホテル), located at 2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo Prefecture, was the first high-rise hotel in Japan.

Keio Plaza Hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel details

The first tower of Keio Plaza Hotel was built in June 1971. It stands 178 meters tall. After its construction, it became Tokyo's first skyscraper hotel. Also, it held the record as the tallest building in Tokyo from 1970 until 1974. Keio Plaza Hotel's second tower was completed in November 1980. It stands 138 meters tall. 

Keio Plaza Hotel - Shinjuku City, Tokyo

Aside from being the first high-rise hotel in Japan and holding the record as the tallest building in Tokyo for 4 years, Keio Plaza Hotel is also credited for opening the first in-hotel wedding chapel in Japan in 1975. It didn't stop there. In 1992, it opened the Amanogawa which is the first sake bar in a hotel. 

Room 1350, this is my room for 2 weeks

Inside Room 1350

Good morning from Room 1350

Time to take a bath

The toilet of room 1350

My hotel supplies for two weeks

At present, Keio Plaza Hotel has a total of 47 floors and 1450 rooms. 

Elevator area of Keio Plaza Hotel - 34F

Elevator area of Keio Plaza Hotel - 13F

It's now also a well-known chain hotel corporation with branches in Hachioji and Tama which are both in western Tokyo. They also have one in Sapporo in Hokkaido Prefecture. 

Keio Plaza Hotel Luxe Lounge 34F

Inside the Luxe Lounge

The view from the Luxe Lounge

One of the souvenir shops inside Keio Plaza Hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel was shown in the film The Return of Godzilla (1984) where it was damaged by Godzilla. 

Keio Plaza Hotel was my home for 2 weeks last October 2021

Thank goodness, I was not in that room.

Believe it or not, I stayed in Keio Plaza Hotel for 14 straight days last October 2021! This was because of the quarantine requirements for those coming into Japan. Lucky for me, it was an all-expense-paid stay so it was totally a worry-free "vacation". However, the drawback was not that I was not allowed to go out and explore the city.  Regardless, it was truly a memorable, and maybe once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Keio Plaza Hotel 

For those planning to stay at Keio Plaza Hotel in the future, below are some valuable information that you might need.

Keio Plaza Hotel Rates

Rooms range from 11000 yen to 14000 yen but you can check for the updated rates and also book a room on Keio Plaza Hotel's booking website. Here's the LINK

Why stay in Keio Plaza Hotel?

Keio Plaza Hotel is not only a historical hotel, it's also conveniently located near the JR Shinjuku Station, several malls, restaurants, and shops. Some tourist destinations like Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and SOMPO Museum of Art are just a few blocks away. 

Getting to Keio Plaza Hotel

From Haneda Airport, take the Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station and change trains to the JR Yamanote Line that goes in the direction of Shibuya. Get off at Shinjuku Station. It takes about a 5-minute walk from the west exit of Shinjuku Station to the hotel.  

There are airport taxis that can bring you directly from the airport so that you won't have to change trains but it is quite costly to ride taxis in Tokyo so please be advised. 




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  1. 14 days in Keio Plaza Hotel?! Wow!

    1. I was just lucky to be an ALT under the JET Programme.

  2. We stayed there for 3 days last week. The food was delicious.

    1. Sadly, I wasn't able to try the buffet food as our food were all delivered due to the "COVID 19" preventive measures then.

  3. What a beautiful hotel.

    1. It really is. In a way I miss the luxury of living in Keio Plaza Hotel.

  4. Brings back memories.


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