Japan Diaries 4: Week 1

Week 1: November 2 - 5, 2021

1st week as an ALT in Rumoi High School

Hey guys! I'm sharing with you how my first week in Rumoi City went. Read on and find out about my life as a new Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) here at Rumoi High School, Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture. 

Day 1: November 2, 2021

Tuesday - Rumoi

Today is my first day of work at Rumoi High School. I was asked to report to work before 8:15AM and since my house is only a few blocks away from the school I headed to work at around 7:40AM and got to school just on time. 

Walking to school. It's the last few weeks of autumn.

When the school bell chimed at exactly 8:15AM, everyone stood up and the Kouchou-sensei (Principal) greeted everyone and then bowed, we reciprocated with a greeting and a bow. The Kyoto-sensei (Vice Principal) then made some announcements in Japanese before calling me to the front and asking me to give my jiko shokai (self-introduction). 

Rumoi High School 11/2/2021

After my jiko shokai and the other announcements, I was asked to go to the Principal's Office to formally receive my appointment papers. From there, the school staff Sekiguchi-san accompanied and helped me to file and accomplish different requirements that I needed to live and work here in Rumoi City

We went to the Rumoi City Hall to update my zairyu card

First, we headed to Rumoi City Hall to have my zairyu card (residence card) updated and registered so that it will contain my address here in Rumoi City. We then proceeded to the water company to update the billing statement of my apartment. The next stop is the Rumoi Shinkin Bank to open my salary accountSince it was almost lunchtime when we ended our banking transactions, Sekiguchi-san decided to drive to Lawson to buy food and then head back to Rumoi High School to eat lunch. She told me that we'd continue our tasks after lunch.

By 1:25PM, we left the school again to go to the Docomo Rumoi branch where I applied for the 60GB postpaid SIM plan. By the time we finished, the process was already almost 4PM and was surprisingly dark already. 

Just then, very conveniently, Sekiguchi-san received a call that my other luggage previously sent from Keio Plaza Hotel had just arrived at Rumoi High School. She drove me back to school and taught me how to log out from work, grabbed my things, picked up my luggage, and drove me home before bidding me farewell. Overall, I basically spent the whole day out it was tiring but lucky for me, tomorrow is a National Holiday... I have time to rest tonight and explore the city. 

Day 2: November 3, 2021

Wednesday - Bunka no Hi

November 3 is a National Holiday here in Japan. The country is celebrating Bunka no Hi or Culture Day. I took this opportunity to borrow my predecessor's bike before it is officially transferred to its new owner. 

It's Culture Day today! Time to go biking!

You'd read more about my Culture Day Trip in my special Japan Diaries 4: Day 2 article. Please click this 👉LINK👈.

Day 3: November 4, 2021

Thursday - Rumoi

Today is my first full day at work. I'm sharing with you the work schedule here at Rumoi High School so that you have an idea of the time frame per period. 

 Rumoi High School work hours for 2021

Today is my first class with Kutsumi-sensei.

Here's my workload for the day:

1st period - Test making with Shiko-sensei
5th period - Jiko shokai @3-4 of Kutsumi-sensei

Day 4: November 5, 2021 

Friday - Rumoi

Today is my first class with Motoyama-sensei

Here's my workload for the day:

2nd period - Jiko shokai @ 202 of Motoyama Sensei

Generally, my 1st week as an ALT here at Rumoi High School is relaxed and I got to meet some of the teachers too. There are 6 Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) here at Rumoi High School. So far, I got to go to classes of only two of them and have done test-making tasks with another one. Hopefully, I get to work with my other JTEs in the next weeks. 

NTT Docomo Rumoi Branch

Sakaeya + 1

After work, I walked to NTT Docomo Rumoi Branch to have my SIM Card activated. I also passed by Sakaeya + 1 to inquire about the foldable bike. 

Sukiya's spicy beef pot combo 

Before going home and wrapping up the day, I stopped by Sukiya to eat dinner. I ordered the spicy beef pot combo. Totally worth 850 yen! 

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  1. Welcome to Hokkaido! I'm an avid reader of your blog. I'm living in Sapporo. It's quite far from your city.

    1. Thank you! Yup, it is far. =( Thankfully, I have a car.


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