Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 5 & 6

Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 5 & 6

Day 5: July 21, 2021

Aya goes back home

Good morning guys! 

My long summer vacation is officially over. Today marks the first day of my work from home Advisers' Training Program. It's a full-day program so I was not able to go out and visit any new destinations today. Just to share, I experienced short power outages thrice today. This of course had me worried for my 2nd day of orientation. 

Time to work!

Day 1: PAREF Southridge Advisers' Training Program

Here's the agenda for today

Sadly, today is also my sister's flight back home. Since I'm loaded with school "work" and meetings, it was my parents who brought her to the airport. 

It rained the whole afternoon so we decided to just stay at home instead. 

Overall, aside from the full-day orientation and power outages, today was quite uneventful. Because of that, I'll make sure to do something worthwhile tomorrow so that I could share something exciting with you guys. 

Day 6: July 22, 2021

Work and escape

Good morning everyone!

Day 2: PAREF Southridge Advisers' Training Program

Today is the second day of my work from home Advisers' Training Program. Just when I was setting up my work area, my aunt informed me that there would be another power outage today and this time it is gonna be longer. It was also announced via cable table TV that the power outage would be from 9AM - 5PM. Well, at least they informed me, right?

It's still drizzling here

This means that I only have an hour to work since the meeting begins at 8AM. I informed my superiors about this and true enough, the power was out by 9AM. I waited, hoping that whatever caused this would be fixed early but it was in vain. I also tried to connect using the data in my cellular phone but the signal around Casa Nicerio is bad so it's pretty much useless.  

SM Legazpi parking area

1st Colonial Grill - SM Legazpi

The Backpack Adventures visits 1st Colonial Grill

With my forever date

1st Colonial Grill dishes

1st Colonial Grill's famed sili ice cream.

Just then, my wife asked me if I wanted to eat out. So, seeing that there is no point waiting until 5PM, I agreed so we drove to SM Legazpi for lunch. Of all the restaurants there, we chose 1st Colonial Grill. It's not the first time that we ate here, we actually tried this restaurant during our CamSur- Albay Road Trip way back in 2014. For our lunch, we ordered Bicol Express and pinangat and of course, we didn't miss out on the Sili Ice Cream which was the specialty of this restaurant. 

Time to eat.

While eating, I came up with the idea of attending the second half of the orientation using my phone. After eating, we transferred to Starbucks which is also inside the mall. After ordering my fix of caffeine, I planted myself in an area inside the cafe with less foot traffic. This plan worked out well as I managed to complete the last part of the orientation for the day without any issues. 

Starbucks @ SM Legazpi

Coffee + Work = Perfection

Back to work!

Before going back to Casa Nicerio, we bought some food for the family and did a little bit of grocery shopping as well. That pretty much sums up Days 5 and 6 of our 2021 Bicol Road Trip. See you on our next adventure!

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