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Food Trip: 1st Colonial Grill

As a backpacker, I have a knack for the unique. Every time I travel, I try to stay away from fast food joints that are common in the big city. As much as possible I try out the unique dishes that the province has to offer. Hence, during our visit to Albay, I already had a list of food to try out.

The problem is, Albay has plenty of special dishes to offer. So if you're planning to taste most of them without transferring from one place to another, then I have a great restaurant for you - 1st Colonial Grill.
"What do we have here?"
The restaurant is located in Villa Amada Building, Rizal St. Sagpon, in the town of Daraga and in the Ground Floor of Pacific Mall Landco Business Park in Legazpi City. What's special with 1st Colonial Grill is that they improve the common Bicolano dish and make it world class. Not only that, but they also gained fame by making ordinary food to unique dishes and desserts.
Sili Ice Cream
One particular dish that created ripples in the blogosphere is the Sili Ice Cream. Sili is a close relative of the jalapeno. It is the most popular spice in the province of Albay. In fact, the first thing that one thinks when you talk about the dishes of Albay is the generous use of sili.  Now imagine it in the form of your favorite childhood food -the ice cream. (Yummy!)
The different flavors of ice cream from 1st Colonial Grill
1st Colonial Grill prides itself in 11 other unique ice cream flavors like:
  • Sili
  • Pili
  • Taro
  • Bailey's
  • Tinutong
  • Melon
  • Kalamansi
  • Vanilla
  • Salabat
  • Cacao
  • Malunggay
  • Coffee

Tinapa Rice
Aside from that 1st Colonial Grill prides itself with the Tinapa Rice. It's their signature dish made with fried rice, mixed with tinapa flakes and slices of salted egg, green mangoes, and tomatoes. To make it unique and memorable, it is served in a small kawali.
My sister and wife enjoying the ice creams
To be honest, 1st Colonial Grill's dishes were so popular, more popular than the restaurant, that it was only during our Bicol Roadtrip that I found out the name of the restaurant. 

So if you're heading to Albay anytime soon, I highly suggest that you visit 1st Colonial Grill and taste out the unique dishes that they offer. 

Getting there:
From Manila, ride a bus going to Legazpi City. Endure the 12-hour (or more) ride until you reach the city. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Bicol University. From there 1st Colonial Grill is just a walk away.

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  1. We are pleased to know that you were satisfied with our food and our service. Rest assured we will work hard to continue to live up to your expectations. Please visit our booth for the AFFI Filipino Franchise Expo in The World Trade Center from Oct. 3-5 to receive your free SIli Ice Cream shirt, a sign of our appreciation. Please look for Ms. Jing Munoz. Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Wow! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to that. See you!


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