Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 9 & 10

Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 9 & 10

Day 9: July 25, 2021

Master's Class + Casa Nicerio

Hey guys! It's a Saturday today and since we've been outside a lot last week, it's fitting that we rest today (and do some laundry). 

Checking out the fish pond of Casa Nicerio

Followed the path up the hill

Checked out some of the flowers from my mom's garden

Time to go back home

Aside from that, it's also my first class for this semester for my MBA. After my class, I spent a lot of time exploring Casa Nicerio. After that, we spent the night binge-watching some movies on Netflix.  

Ella enjoying her time with the dogs of Casa Nicerio

Well, that pretty much sums up Day 9 of our 2021 Bicol Road Trip. Tomorrow, I plan to visit other relatives living nearby. 

Day 10: July 26, 2021

Historic Olympic Win

Good morning, It's a clear day today! My daughter and I took this opportunity to go out for our daily walk around Casa Nicerio

Time to feed the fish!

My mom tends to her vast garden

Ella enjoyed the walk

I took some photos of the flowers in Casa Nicerio

Before lunch, my father and I drove to the neighboring Barangay Bantonan to visit Lola (grandma) Mancia and Lola Sario. They treated us to a local specialty called Tubog-Tubog which was a snack made from balinghoy (cassava). 

Visited my grandparents in Barangay Bantonan

My dad and Lola Mancia discussed plans for our drive back home

Tried the tubog-tubog

While eating, my dad discussed our plans of going back to Manila on the 29th and if Lola Mancia would like to join us on our trip. She agreed and the plan is then settled. We didn't stay long and after eating our share of Tubog-Tubog, we went back home. 

Bonding with my wife

Ella found a playmate

When we got back home, we harvested some papaya and made some papaya shakes. 

Papaya for snacks

That afternoon, my wife and I watched two historic events that happened earlier today while bonding on the veranda of Casa Nicerio.

1. The last State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte.
2. Clips of the weightlifting event by Hidilyn Diaz brought the Philippines its first gold medal in the Olympics. 

It was a momentous day that made every Filipino proud to be a Filipino. 

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