Sigpit Falls - Albay

Located in Barangay Quitinday in the municipality of Jovellar in Albay, Sigpit Falls is a two-tier waterfall that is one of the destinations for the Jovellar Underground River, Caves, Falls, and Rainforest Tour.

Sigpit Falls

Sigpit Falls details

As mentioned Sigpit Falls is a two-tiered waterfall in the municipality of Jovellar. It is also known to locals as Quitinday Falls. It has a height of roughly around 40 -50 feet tall.

Sigpit Falls - Jovellar, Albay

The water flowing down Sigpit Falls originated from the Jovellar Underground River hence it also has the same green to teal-ish hue during summer and is also mud brown during the wet season.

Checking out Sigpit Falls from a different view

Despite the mud-colored water flowing down Sigpit Falls during the wet season, it is for me, the best time to view Sigpit Falls as there is a large volume of water cascading down the falls. It gives the falls a more picturesque look. However, if you plan to swim in the natural pool below it, the safest time to do it is during summer. 

Here's my close up photo of Sigpit Falls

Another angle of Sigpit Falls

The other tier of Sigpit Falls

Speaking of swimming. Sigpit Falls has two natural pools below it.  One of the pools is only about 3-4 feet deep while another pool close to the falls is about 10 feet deep. 

Sigpit Falls on a rainy day

Heads up, you are required to register and avail of a guide if you plan to visit and swim in Sigpit Falls

The Backpack Adventures visits Sigpit Falls

I got to see Sigpit Falls during the 3rd day of our 2021 Bicol Road Trip. Since we visited it during the wet season, we just contented ourselves with viewing the beauty of the falls from a distance. Overall, I'm looking forward to visiting Sigpit Falls during the summer to see with my own eyes its magical teal-colored waters and hopefully swim in it too.

Sigpit Falls Rates

Sigpit Falls is included in the Jovellar Underground River Caves, Falls, and Rainforest Tour. You will have to pay this in the Registration Office. Here are the new rates.

Jovellar Underground River Registration Office

Sigpit Falls rates

Sigpit Falls Operating Hours

Sigpit Falls is best visited in the mornings when you can see its full beauty. Surprising as it may sound, it is also best visited during the rainy season as it has a more stunning look.

Why visit Sigpit Falls?

Sigpit Falls like any other fall here in the Philippines has its own beauty. If you feel like swimming in its pool then come visit during summer and see its magical teal or green hue but if you want to see a ravaging current then the wet season is for you. Whatever season you visit, this place is for you. 

Getting to Sigpit Falls:

The fastest and most convenient way to reach Jovellar from Manila is to board a plane going to Legazpi City. From there, take the bus or jeep going to Guinobatan. Once you reach Guinobatan, ride a jeep or single motor (habal-habal) to Jovellar.




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