Jovellar Underground River - Albay

Located in Barangay Quitinday in the municipality of Jovellar in Albay, Jovellar Underground River is the main attraction of the Jovellar Underground River, Caves, Falls, and Rainforest Tour that is being offered by the municipality. 

Jovellar Underground River

Jovellar Underground River details

Also called Quitinday Underground River, Jovellar Underground River is one of those must-visit destinations in Albay that is ironically least visited by tourists. This is due to several factors. According to one of the locals that I interviewed, the surrounding area including where the underground river is located was once infested by communist insurgents. This led to issues of being left behind in terms of infrastructures like lack of wide roads and of course the security concerns. Regardless, I have seen friends visit Jovellar and they had nothing to say but positive things, so we also gave it a go.

Jovellar Underground River - Jovellar, Albay

From my father's hometown of Camalig, we drove to Hacienda Arcangel in Barangay Quitinday, Jovellar. I was amazed to see that there was a covered parking area near the registration area where we can park and leave our vehicles safely. As part of the new policies of the local government, they implemented very strict health protocols and had a mandatory tour guide system. 

Driving to Jovellar from Camalig

Jovellar Underground River jump-off point

Jovellar Underground River Registration Office

Walked for about 15 minutes going to Jovellar Underground River

Jovellar Underground River Bridge and Viewing Deck

After paying our fees, we were introduced to our young guide. Despite being in his teens, he was very knowledgeable about environmental conservation and preservation which was very commendable. We reached the Jovellar Underground River after walking for about 10-15 minutes.

Make sure to wear a life vest if you are planning to swim.

Sadly, it rained in the area in the past several days hence the river water does not have its famed teal-colored water. We decided to skip the balsa ride going inside the 180-meter long underground river system.
There are wooden steps going to the mouth of the cave

Regardless, I still went down to the mouth of the cave to take photos and also to experience the challenge of going down the steep wooden manmade ladder to the cave's mouth. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Jovellar Underground River

Jovellar Underground River interior

Inside Jovellar Underground River

Since Jovellar Underground River is not the only destination for the Jovellar Underground River, Caves, Falls, and Rainforest Tour we decided to proceed to our next stop. Our guide recommended that we visit during the summer months so that we'd have a higher chance of seeing the Jovellar Underground River in its full glory. After the tour, the guide gave me the Jovellar tourism brochure with the contact number of the Municipal Tourism Office in case I plan to return and want to inquire about the state of the underground river.

Team Nicerio visits Jovellar Underground River

When my family and I visited Jovellar during the 3rd day of our 2021 Bicol Road trip, it was very noticeable that there were numerous road projects in different areas going to the Jovellar Underground River. The security issue, according to our guide was already a thing in the past. 

Overall, the trip was a good experience regardless of not being able to do the full tour of the river. We just proved that Jovellar is safe to visit and its locals are ready to receive tourists.

Jovellar Underground River Rates

This is the current rate for Jovellar Underground River

Jovellar Underground River Operating Hours

Jovellar Underground River is best visited in the morning until the afternoon. You are not allowed to go in at night without a guide but you can camp in an area near it

Why visit Jovellar Underground River? 

With all the ongoing improvements happening in and around Jovellar, it is the perfect time to visit the Jovellar Underground River before it becomes too touristy

Getting to Jovellar Underground River

Jovellar Arch

Parking area for Jovellar Underground River

The fastest and most convenient way to reach Jovellar from Manila is to board a plane going to Legazpi City. From there, take the bus or jeep going to Guinobatan. Once you reach Guinobatan, ride a jeep or single motor (habal-habal) to Jovellar.




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  1. Jovellar Underground River looks interesting to visit.

  2. Are fees still the same as posted?

    1. Yes it is. If there is an increase it would be minimal.


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