Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 4

Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 4

Day 4: July 20, 2021

Bye Patrick; Hello Legazpi City! 

It's drizzling, it's cold, it's gloomy... not a perfect time to go out on an adventure. If you'd ask me, I'd rather spend my time sleeping or drinking hot cocoa. However, today marks the last day of my brother Patrick here in Albay as he needs to go back home to Cavite for his work tomorrow.

A view of Mayon Volcano as seen from Camalig Diversion Road

A beautiful view of Mayon Volcano

His flight is sometime around 10AM. Hence, we didn't miss out on the chance to have breakfast before packing up his stuff in my pickup truck. Just as luck would have it, the drizzle stopped just as we were leaving Casa Nicerio. In another twist of faith, for the first time since we got here, Mayon Volcano showed herself to us. 

Patrick enjoyed the little side trip before going to the Legazpi Airport.

Because of that, my brother and I took a bit of a side trip to get a better view of Mayon Volcano. The best place to get that is in the newly completed Camalig Diversion Road. Although it's out of the way and adds a few kilometers to our trip, it was totally worth it! You can see why in my pictures.

Arrived at Legazpi Airport

Bye Patrick! See you home.

We still reached Legazpi Airport on time. Immediately after helping my brother with his stuff and bidding him farewell, I went back to my truck to google what historical or tourist destinations are near me. By this time, the sun is already up and I didn't want to waste this opportunity to explore Legazpi City. There were several options available but I chose the place that I haven't been to yet - St. Gregory the Great Cathedral.

St. Gregory the Great Cathedral - Legazpi City, Albay

St. Gregory the Great Cathedral facade

Luckily, I visited on a Tuesday hence there were not so many people inside the cathedral. After taking enough pictures of Legazpi Cathedral's interior and exterior, I looked for a quiet spot inside the cathedral to offer my prayers and wishes. 

Camalig Church - Camalig, Albay

Camalig Church facade

Camalig Church interior

From there, I decided to drive back home but before I did, I revisited one more destination - the historic Camalig Church. After taking pictures and offering another set of prayers and wishes, I finally decided to drive straight home. 

Ella enjoying the rain at Casa Nicerio

The rest of the day was typically normal. The only memorable thing that afternoon was when it rained heavily. I enjoyed watching my daughter Ella, playing under the rain. It reminded me of my youth. 

That night, I prepared my stuff for my 1st day of work which would start tomorrow. This basically wraps up my day today. See you all on my next adventure!

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