Singapore x Google 2019: INTRO

It has been 3 years since I first attended my first Google for Educators Group (GEG) meeting in a cafe somewhere in Aguirre Street, BF Paranaque. During that time, our small group of educators revived the then dormant GEG South Manila group with the simple goal of expanding our knowledge about GSuite for Education (now Google Workspace) so that we could share it with our fellow educators. However, personally, each of us was aiming to achieve something great -to become a Google Innovator

Singapore x Google 2019: INTRO

Fast forward to 2019... Finally, after years of hard work and dedication, our very own Adrian Cruz (Luke Beyond the Classroom) becomes the first Google Innovator for GEG South Manila. He'll be flying to Singapore for the 5-day Google Innovator Academy.
GEG South Manila

The GEG South Manila core members

Our very own Adrian Cruz - GEG South Manila's very first Google Innovator

As for me, I was probably a good kid last year, as, after a year of hiatus from GEG-related activities, I suddenly had a whirlwind of talks and seminars this year. The biggest of which was the opportunity to fly to Singapore and learn about the Google Innovator Academy. All of which I owe to Google's top partner in the Philippines -QSR.

I was invited to give a talk at Google Philippines

I got to visit Google Philippines Office several times

I'm happy that they didn't misspell my name.

Although I'm not an Innovator yet, this opportunity to learn behind the scenes equipped me with the knowledge that I could use in the future and also for my talks in the Philippines. In effect, I underwent almost the same training as this year's Google Innovators with a lot of plus experience on the sides. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Google Singapore HQ

Aside from my 5-day 12-hour stints inside the Google HQ, I also did not miss the chance to explore places in Singapore. So please join me by following my Google x Singapore 2019 series and find out what cool stuff I did, see, and experience in Singapore. Thanks, guys!

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