Sri Krishnan Temple - Singapore

Located at 152 Waterloo Street in Singapore, Sri Krishnan Temple is one of the country's oldest Hindu temples.

Sri Krishnan Temple

Sri Krishnan Temple details

Sri Krishnan Temple was established in 1870 when a rich devotee named Hanuman Beem Singh set up a statue of Krishna under a banyan tree on Waterloo Street. This was done to cater to the growing Hindu migrant community living at Victoria and Albert Streets in the mid-19th century. 

Sri Krishnan Temple - Singapore

Several images of Hindu deities can be seen in Sri Krishnan Temple's facade

Sri Krishnan Temple's Address

Little is known about Hanuman Beem Singh but it was believed that he was exiled to Singapore by the British administration in India. Beem Singh would eventually pass the responsibility of managing the temple to his son. Through time, the management of Sri Krishnan Temple would be passed on to the next generation who had the same vision as Hanuman Beem Singh. With this, the temple continued to grow the same with the number of its devotees. 

Sri Krishnan Temple info board

Sri Krishnan Temple has a distinct Southern Indian architectural design. It was built in accordance with the Agama Shastra, which prescribes the rules for the construction of Hindu temples. Those visiting the temple would probably be overwhelmed with the numerous statues outside and inside the temple, the gopuram alone has countless figures depicting deities and important events. The main entrance is decorated with statues of the 10 incarnations of the Hindu deity Vishnu. Inside, the temple's main shrine is made of manually ground Chinese pebbles and granite. There are also numerous statues of Hindu deities inside. 

Inside Sri Krishnan Temple

I got to visit Sri Krishnan Temple during the first day of my 6-day Singapore x Google 2019 trip last September. The temple was just about 2-3 minutes' walk away from Ibis Hotel Singapore in Bencoolen which is my residence for the said event. 

Overall, Sri Krishnan Temple was the 2nd Hindu temple that I have visited so far. Non-Hindus are allowed to enter it and take photos of the interior (so long as they don't interfere with the religious activities inside). Just a heads up, make sure to remove your shoes first before entering the temple. This temple is truly a great way to personally witness some Hindu religious ceremonies. 

Sri Krishnan Temple Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Sri Krishnan Temple. However, if you have extra, you can give some donations to the temple. 

Sri Krishnan Temple Operating Hours

Sri Krishnan Temple is open from 8AM - 12PM; 6PM - 8:45PM.

Why visit Sri Krishnan Temple?

Sri Krishnan Temple is one of the most beautiful Hindu Temples in Singapore. In my opinion, the best time to visit this temple is at night when the facade and gopuram are lit as it adds drama to the already beautiful facade of the temple

Getting to Sri Krishnan Temple:

From Changi International Airport, walk to the Changi Airport PtB4 bus terminal and ride bus #36 and board down at SMU. 
Travel time: 45 minutes

From SMU, walk to Sri Krishnan Temple.
Travel time: 10 minutes 




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  1. That's a very well decorated temple. Your photos made me want to see it with my own eyes.

    1. How I wish I could visit Sri Krishnan Temple in the morning. For sure you would appreciate it more.


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