Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 1

Day 1: September 10

Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 1

Today is the big day! I'm off to Singapore for the 5-day Google Innovator Academy. My brother was kind enough to wake up at around 3AM and drive me to the airport for my 7:40AM flight. I have mixed feelings about this trip as it would be my first time traveling abroad without my wife and daughter. Thankfully, I'm with the QSR team for this event and what's more amazing was that they treated me like family. 

Boarding time! Off to Singapore via Singapore Airlines

Touchdown Changi Airport

Off to Ibis Hotel Singapore at Bencoolen

We boarded Singapore Airlines flight SQ915 and left Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 on time and arrived at Changi International Airport at around 10:46AM. 

My room at Ibis Hotel Singapore at Bencoolen...

Was so happy that I had to take a selfie

From the airport, we booked and rode a Grab to Ibis Hotel Singapore at Bencoolen which we'd call home for a few days. We literally just dropped our bags in our rooms and immediately went to the ground floor for a quick lunch at Taste

Off to Google Singapore

Well, look at that! Thank you!

Officially at Google HQ Singapore


Loving the setup


Had to have that photo with the Google standee

After lunch, we booked a Grab car to Google Singapore in Mapletree Business City and spent the whole afternoon there. I took the opportunity to explore the venue and familiarize myself with the place. Although I only managed to check out the lower floors of the place. 

Visited Sri Krishnan Temple

Check out the very detailed gopuram

Here's a little sneak peek of what's inside Sri Krishnan Temple

We returned to Ibis Hotel Singapore at around 7PM but instead of calling it a day, I decided to do a night walking tour around the hotel. My first destination for the night was Sri Krishnan Temple which was just about a minute away by foot from the hotel. It was still open when I got there, so I took the opportunity to check out what's inside it. 

Next stop... Bugis Food Street

Time to check out the Bugis Food Street

Afterward, I headed to Bugis which was about a few blocks away to check out the stores there and maybe buy some souvenirs. I then got a call from my buddy Adrian Cruz that he was at the hotel so I invited him to my night walking tour which he gladly accepted. I went back to the hotel to pick him up and then we proceeded back to Bugis to do some food trip at Bugis Food Street

What should I eat? Hmmm...

How about this Kuey Teow with Beef... Looks yummy

For our food trip, I ordered some fried Kuey Teow with Beef which costs 6 Singapore Dollars. I was planning to order more but I suddenly realized that I was full after finishing the dish. Adrian also felt the same after eating his Hainanese chicken meal so we decided to end our food trip and call it a day.

I just got home! Selfie before calling it a day.

Overall, it was a full day, but I was warned that the following days would be more tiring, so I mentally and spiritually prepared for it by offering what is to come to God through my prayer that night... A perfect way to end the day. 

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  1. Interesting adventure this time! I'm used to seeing your Japan Diaries but this one is fun as well.

    1. Thank you! This is just my second time to go to Singapore and I was very busy then so please forgive me if all my adventures are at night.


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