A Letter to 2020

A Letter to 2020

Thank you for the 365 days that we've shared together. It was just sad that the COVID-9 pandemic took a lot from everyone. Unlike last year where I made sure to have at least one trip per month, the Philippines went on several quarantine procedures to avoid a boom in infection by the virus which took thousands of lives worldwide this year. I took this opportunity to improve my blog by adding cover photos and checking the grammar of older articles. Aside from that, I also exerted more effort in promoting my blog on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Sadly, Facebook saw this as SPAM and blocked my blog. Luckily, my Pinterest and Twitter accounts are reaping dividends and my views doubled in the last few months of the year. 

Let's look back and see what milestones we've achieved this year.

1. This year, I was able to publish 63 articles ( 13 articles less than last year 😢). 

2. I have finally reached 2.2 million views. (That's 204K new views this year)

3. I upgraded my nicerioadventures.blogspot.com to thebackpackadventures.com

4. I got to travel back to Boracay Island with my family to celebrate my daughter's birthday before the pandemic happened.

5. I got 125 million views in Google Maps making me one of the top Google Local Guides in the Philippines.

125 million views! Wow!

Speaking of travels, here are the highlights of my travels for each month last year:


First trip of the year - Tagaytay Starbucks with the Family


Revisited Boracay for Ella's birthday

Joined the Molave Outdoors Club and visited Pamulaklakin Aeta Forest Trail

March - November

Covid-19 pandemic. Travel was restricted. Although some tourist destinations were opened, we didn't risk traveling and getting infected later. 

Instead, I went back to each article that I published and edited them by adding a cover photo and details like admission fees, opening hours, and "why visit" segments. 


Yearend Team Nicerio road trip to Tagaytay City

Yearend Team Nicerio road trip to Tagaytay City (quick stop at Twin Lakes in Laurel, Batangas)

With this, I'm praying that 2021 would be better. Still, thank you 2020 for all the opportunities that you have presented.

P.S. Check out my new blog logo made by my brother-in-law Jan Minard Gomez. This logo will be used starting next year. Amazing! Thanks, bro!

The Backpack Adventures 2021

Sincerely yours,
Neil Alvin Nicerio
The Backpack Adventures


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