Sumlang Lake - Albay

Located in Barangay Sumlang, Camalig in the province of Albay, Sumlang Lake is one of the newest tourist destinations of the town and is also known as one of the best places to view the majestic Mayon Volcano.

Sumlang Lake

History of Sumlang Lake

Sumlang Lake presently receives more than a hundred visitors per day. However, it was not like this a few years ago. The 9-hectare lake was once a water-lily-covered lake with high coliform levels. As the locals would say, it once actually serves little purpose to the majority of the townspeople. Thankfully, through the Bayanihan spirit of the locals, Sumlang Lake was given new life and now serves the barangay with a better (or let's say profitable) purpose. 

Off to Sumlang Lake

Check out this one-way road

At least the parking is cheap...


Don't forget to pay for the entrance fee- P20 pax

Waiting for our tickets...

Today, Sumlang Lake offers visitors several must-try activities like aqua biking, balsa tour, and kayaking at a very affordable price. Visitors could also go food tripping they may opt to try out the mouthwatering dishes in Socorro's or the snacks at the snack truck at the lakeside. For those on a tight budget, one can simply sit on one of the fashionable chairs where one can relax and enjoy the picturesque view of the Sumlang Lake with Mayon Volcano as its backdrop. 

Sumlang Lake Admission Fee:

To enter the Sumlang Lake vicinity, visitors should pay the 20 pesos admission fee at the booth near the parking area.

Welcome to Sumlang Lake

Hmmm, Mayon Volcano seems a bit shy today...

My daughter and I saw this picture-perfect chair on a bamboo raft

Finally! Hello there, Mayon Volcano

What a unique-looking art installation.

Time to ride the bamboo raft!

During our visit, last May 25, 2019, my family and I got the opportunity to try out the balsa tour on the lake. In my opinion, it's probably the must-try among all the activities offered in Sumlang Lake as it's really affordable and family-friendly. 


Balsa Ride Rates:

For just P50 per head, a family of 5-10 would be able to ride the balsa that would tour them around the 9-hectare lake. There are several selfie/groupie-perfect spots in the lake that won't be accessible if one does not ride the balsa. 

Here's a place to try: Socorro's

Rest time...

Gotta try that ice cream

Can someone tell me what's the name of this food?

Here's how it looks like...

Look who got tired from exploring the lake.

Overall, one can fully enjoy Sumlang Lake without exceeding a budget of P300 per head. This includes the P20 entrance fee and the P20 parking fee if you brought your car. My only issue with this place is its lack of large directional signs/markers from the highway which makes finding the lake a bit challenging for first-timers and for those without GPS apps. Aside from that, the road that leads to the lake from the highway is small and in some parts are only one way. Regardless, Sumlang Lake should still be part of your itinerary when you plan to visit the province of Albay. 

Why visit Sumlang Lake?

Sumlang Lake is one of the best places to view the Mayon Volcano. Aside from that, the balsa ride is also a must-try. 

Getting to Sumlang Lake:

It's easier to reach this place if you have your own car. However, if you're planning to commute to this place, head to Camalig town proper. From there, you can rent a tricycle which will bring you to Sumlang Lake. You may walk back to the main road after exploring the lake.

Another option is to ride a jeepney bound for Guinobatan or Polangui. Tell the driver to drop you off at Albay Agri Ethno Eco Village or simply say Sumlang Lake. From there, walk to Sumlang Lake.

Overall rating


  1. What is the leafy food you showed? You have me curious now.

    1. It's a local delicacy that I was not able to identify. :(

  2. What an beautiful area! Id love to be out in that water right about now.

    1. Please come and visit Sumlang Lake when this pandemic is over.

  3. Wow! Looks great and sounds so interesting. So much to look forward to and that's my kind of holiday destination.

    1. I hope you could visit Sumlang Lake after this pandemic. :)

  4. My boyfriend and I are always looking for new travel places that include kayaking! This looks beautiful! Philippines is on my bucket list for sure! Heading to Bali this year but maybe i can get it on the calendar next!

  5. What a wonderful lake and resort to relax and enjoy with family. I would like to relax and take a vacation here with that view.

  6. Those bamboo boats look relaxing to ride on and I love all the different seating on each one. This looks like an amazing place to explore.

    1. Sumlang Lake is a must-visit when you are in Camalig, Albay. You'd love the view for sure. :)

  7. Those bamboo rafts look like so much fun! The Philippines are high on my travel list, thank you so much for sharing your trip!

    1. That's great Angelica. Please do visit this awesome country. =) Thank you.

  8. This looks like such a fun adventure! I love that you can bring the whole family too and that it doesn’t cost a fortune.

  9. Sumpang lake looks lovely. I will add this to my list of places to visit.

    1. That's "Sumlang" Raksha. Hahaha. That sounds amazing I can't wait to see your posts here.

  10. i would totally pay to ride on the balsa around the lake. Looks so fuN!

    1. It is. :) You'd love the view and the experience of the Balsa ride.

  11. Looks like you had a fantastic time! What a beautiful place.

  12. This looks like such a chill place to visit. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Look like a fun family outting. I love the bamboo raft.

    1. Me too, I think the bamboo raft ride is the highlight of Sumlang Lake.


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