10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay

Planning to go souvenir shopping in Albay? Then this article might help you choose what to buy for your loved ones back home. Take note though that prices written here might vary depending on where you choose to shop. In my case, many of the products here were from the souvenir shops near the Cagsawa Ruins

10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay

Anyway, here's my list of 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay.

1. Keychains. (10-50 pesos each/ sometimes offered in bundles)
Keychains are one of the most common and cheapest souvenirs to buy in Albay, keychains are the go-to pasalubong/souvenir of those with plenty of families and friends. You may choose from the numerous sili (chili) and Mayon Volcano themed keychains.

2. Refrigerator Magnets. (50-100 pesos each/ sometimes offered in bundles)
This is also one of the most common and cheapest souvenirs to buy in Albay. The prices of the ref magnets vary depending on size and quality. Expect a lot of Mayon Volcano and sili themed ref magnets too. 

3. Souvenir Shirts. (P100-200) 
Who wouldn't want an "I LOVE BICOL" or "URAGON" shirt? It's the largest thing that you could buy to brag about your recent trip to Albay without obviously bragging about it. For those who are wondering, uragon / oragon means a brave or great person. However, it once means libido or sexual drive. 

4. Bicol Themed Mugs. (P130-250)
Prices vary depending on quality and design. Mind you, it's easy to distinguish the low-quality ones so think wisely before buying one for your boss or else say goodbye to those future vacation leaves. 

5. Pili nuts delicacies. (P100-200) 
The best pasalubong for your ever hungry friends and the safest bet as well since no one would feel bad about receiving food pasalubong. 

6. Locally woven wallets. (abaka-made; 3 for P100)
A good gift for your ates and titas. You can also buy in bulk orders so that you could give something to your nosy neighbors and be immune from their chismis for a week. 

7. Colorful locally woven bags. (P200-500)
A gift for those special ates and titas. It's a level up from the cheap woven wallets so list down those who had done you well this year. If none, then use this for your Christmas Party exchange gift instead. 

8. Home decorations. (locally crafted; P200-3000)
From woven lampshades to wall decorations, these are all great souvenirs to give to your mama. She'd be very happy plus you'd improve your living room.

9. Mayon inspired paperweights and penholders. (P150-500)
Back to work already? This souvenir is for you! Yes, you! It would always remind you of the good times in Albay. It's also a perfect weapon against those annoying co-workers.

10. Knives and Bolos. (P500-2000) 
This souvenir will surely make dad happy. He'll have a new tool to remove the weed from your yard and also a prop for his selfies when you're not around. 


  1. i love key chains and refrigerator magnets thanks for this amazing share

  2. Those bags look very beautiful! Great tips

  3. I love buying locally made souvenirs. It's so nice to support small businesses.

    1. I agree with you Cyndi. That's why I blog. I want to support these small businesses.

  4. This is a great list of souvenirs! I personally collect pins whenever I go to a state park but if there isn't any available I wouldn't turn down a nice magnet! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are great gifts for a variety of people. But, for the knives, are there any exports laws if someone wants to take it out the country?

    1. There are some countries that are strict on these but most allow especially if it's check in baggage.

  6. Nice souvenirs. Your blog article is quite helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very Informative article. I found something really great here.

  8. Nice. I learned something new from your blog article. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great pos thanks for such nice ideas.

  10. Omg these are some awesome gift ideas. I would love a kitchen magnet

    1. That'll be great. the kitchen magnet is quite cheap.

  11. I am always looking for this information whenever I travel. Thanks for sharing.


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