Osaka Castle Revisited 2018 - Osaka

Located in Osaka City in Osaka Prefecture, Osaka Castle (大阪城) is one of the most famous landmarks of Osaka Prefecture. The castle is also the most photographed as well. So far, it has hundreds of photos in Google images and also has more than 11 thousand reviews on Google maps too. 

Osaka Castle (大阪城

I have been lucky to have visited Osaka Castle twice already. My first visit was on the 2014 Japan trip and the latest was during the 1st day of our 2018 Japan trip. Ironically, I was not able to go inside the castle on both occasions. Regardless, I was still able to explore and stroll around its castle grounds with my family. (If you want to read about my diary entry article about my 2014 visit to Osaka Castle, please do click <HERE>.)

Osaka Castle - Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Revisiting Osaka Castle 2018

Osaka Castle Park is crowded as usual

Check out the Osaka-jo Honjin

Refrigerator magnet souvenirs in Osaka-jo Honjin

Gotta try this 400 yen flavored ice

Check out the castle map

Where next?

The Inui Turret

The Tamon turret

The only change that I noticed was the relocation of the souvenir shops from the Osakajo Honjin to the nearby Miraiza Osaka-jo. We did not stay long though as we have arrived late in the afternoon. My wife and I just bought a few souvenirs that we missed out on during our first visit and explored the castle grounds a bit. Despite the castle being closed already, there were still a lot of people hanging out on the castle grounds. Well, it's no surprise as the place is really a nice place to stroll around and bond with family and friends. 

Osaka Castle never fails to amaze...

Team Nicerio revisits Osaka Castle

Overall, Osaka Castle never fails to amaze. Its history and beauty really draw me. I won't get tired of revisiting it every time I'm in Osaka City.  (If you want to read my article about the castle's history please do click <HERE>.)

Osaka Castle Admission Fee:

Adult visitors need to pay 600 yen to enter the Osaka Castle Tenshukaku. However, students are FREE to enter.

Osaka Castle Opening Hours:

Osaka Castle is open from 9AM to 5PM.

Why visit Osaka Castle?

Osaka Castle is the symbol of this grand city. It's one of the must-visit destinations in Osaka City. However, keep in mind that there are times when this place gets very crowded so if you hate crowds this place might not be for you. 

Getting to Osaka Castle:

Ride the JR West, Osaka Loop Line. Board down at Osakajokoen Station and walk several blocks going to the castle. 

Overall rating


  1. This is a fun trip. incredible pics as well, this helps alot. Ive been to vietnam and hongkong, and japan is on my list as well. thank you

    1. Wow! I haven't been to those places yet. I would love to explore them too someday.

  2. I relished every minute of reading this blog as it's simple writing and the experience is well put.

  3. We are always fascinated by castles. The last memories are of the trip to Edinburgh. Osaka Castle looks so different and beautiful. Hope we get to see it soon.

    1. Asian castles are uniquely beautiful in every way.

  4. those photos were beautiful, thanks for sharing and a lovely post.

  5. It's's good we come to know Japan other than Disneyland.... Thanks for sharing this. Japan will forever amaze me...

    1. Thank you reveler. Actually Japan is more than Disneyland and Osaka Castle. There are more to be explored. =)

  6. Japan is on our bucket list, we hope to visit soon.

  7. Wow! Japan is one of my dream country that I really want to visit. Lucky you.!

    1. Thanks Maysz, don't lose hope. You might visit it too this year.

  8. Wow! What a lovely post! I've always wanted to visit Japan and hopefully one of these days I will. Captivating photos!

  9. I love the architecture, so unique and magical. I can't wait to visit Japan.

    1. That's true. I would love to see your adventure in Japan someday.

  10. I have always wanted to go to Japan. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  11. I will go Japan next year! Thanks for your tips

  12. Osaka palace looks like a beautiful palace to explore. I would love to try the flavoured ice ;)

    1. I agree. =) You should try it out when you visit.

  13. I have only seen it from outside thank you so much for giving me the interior tour

    1. Hi Mitali, I was not able to visit the interior as well. Hehehe

  14. Seems an amazing place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  15. My company used to sell products from a company from Osaka and my dog name was Osaka


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