First Timer's Guide to My CUPNOODLES Factory

Planning to visit the Cup Noodles Museum in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture?

First Timer's Guide to My CUPNOODLES Factory

Your visit won't be complete if you won't try out the "create your own personalized cup noodles package" activity in the My CUPNOODLES Factory section of the museum. 

However, there would be a lot of times that My CUPNOODLES Factory is jam-packed with tourists. At times like this, the staff is pretty much occupied and there is a huge chance that you'd feel left out in the cold. Other times, there are challenges in communicating with them (unless you speak Nihongo). 

This article is written to help you with the step by step procedure to produce that cup noodle package masterpiece without much assistance.

So what are you waiting for? Let's begin!
Here's the procedure...

Here's how it looks like in real life:

Step 1: Insert you 300 yen to get one cup

Step 2: Place your hand in one of those machines to sanitize it

Step 3: Design your cups. You can personalize it or follow the designs displayed on the table.

Step 4: The noodle will then be placed in the cup 

Step 5:  Choose the soup flavors and the toppings

Here are the noodles, soup flavors, and toppings:

Please choose one soup flavor...

... then choose 4 toppings

Step 6: This machine will seal your cup

Step 7: Now watch her as she places your cup in a plastic wrap...

... before putting it through this oven-like machine to shrink-wrap it.

Step 8: You'll be given an "air package" where you should place your masterpiece. Then use the air pumps to blow air into the "air package"

Check out the Backpack Adventures design

Congratulations! You are now officially a cup noodle package designer!

Team Nicerio father and daughter bonding activity

We got to try out this awesome activity during the 1st day of our 2018 Japan trip. Something that really set the tone for our  22-day adventure in Japan.


  1. Thanks for such wonderful insights. This was a great read. Everything looks so yummy and delicious.

  2. I just stumbled upon this blog today and not regretting spending even a minute of my reading time.

  3. Dddaaaammmmnnnnnnnnn....I'd so love to do this!

  4. I really love reading this blog, you have such great content, and you made me so much more aware of stuff I never knew about!✌️

    Keep up this great work!
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Great tutorial! Never knew this was so easy. Thanks

    1. You should also try this one out when you visit Japan.

  6. That sounds like a fun place to visit. We love to see where things are made.

  7. That looks really fun! Such a cool idea!

  8. We love Cupnoodles and they are great travel companions. Factory visit looks fun! Thanks for this informative post! Best.. Backpacking Series.

  9. How cool is this? I never knew a place like this existed.

  10. Very interesting to know how you can add each component.

  11. Innovation at best!!! My son loves these noodles!

  12. How fun! This looks like a place I'd enjoy going to!

  13. Omg this is amazing! Those spices with designs are so cute :)
    Can pinoys do the pancit canton museum?

    1. I hope we build our own pancit canton museum. Hahahaha

  14. Sincerely, I have never had cup noodles, I really don't know the difference between the cup noodles and the classic one. I will just have to search for Italy where I can get it

  15. we will bookmark this post and visit the cup noodles museum on december

  16. This looks so fun and also super cute! especially those little ingredients with the chick.

    1. Hahahaha. I agree. =) Thansk for the visit Valerie.

  17. This is gooodddd! I love everything about what I just read here. What country is this please? So I can include it on my next travel list.

  18. I have been to the one in Yokohama. I will visit this one someday.


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