Santa Cruz Church - Laguna

Located along Pedro Guevarra Street in the poblacion of Santa Cruz in Laguna, Santa Cruz Church is one of the many historical churches of the province.

Immaculate Conception Parish Church
Santa Cruz Church - Immaculate Conception Parish Church

Santa Cruz Church History

Also known as the Immaculate Conception Parish Church, Santa Cruz Church was constructed sometime in 1602. The church was formerly a part of the town of Lumban before being transferred to its present location due to the sanitary problems in its original location.

Immaculate Conception Parish
Santa Cruz Church - Santa Cruz, Laguna

Santa Cruz Church facade

Santa Cruz Church NHI Marker

One of the church doors of Santa Cruz Church

Due to the deteriorating conditions of Santa Cruz Church,  it was renovated sometime in 1850. The nave and convent were also built during this time while the five altars of the church were remodeled. Sadly, the church was destroyed by fire during the liberation of the Philippines from Japanese rule on January 28, 1945. It was later rebuilt in 1948 and has since been renovated and restored several times.

Santa Cruz Church interior

Santa Cruz Church main altar

Santa Cruz Church interior as seen from the altar

The Virgin Mary on top of the bell tower of Santa Cruz Church

Santa Cruz Church was the third church that we visited during our Laguna-Quezon Visita Iglesia. Despite being rebuilt decades ago. Santa Cruz Church still retains its Spanish-era feel. we didn't stay long in the church though because traffic is obviously building up (or maybe we are just in one of the more populated parts of Laguna). After doing several Stations of the Cross and some photo sessions we headed out to our next church.

The family visits Santa Cruz Church on our Laguna-Quezon Visita Iglesia 2016

Santa Cruz Church

Santa Cruz Church Admission Fee

It's FREE to explore the church and its grounds. 

Why visit Santa Cruz Church?

Overall, It's good to note that despite being rebuilt, the church still retained its Spanish-era look. If it was remodeled to a more present look and painted weirdly like some "remodeled" Spanish-era churches, I'd probably skip it for another church. So, if you're doing a pilgrimage or Visita Iglesia around Laguna, I highly suggest that you include this historic church in your itinerary.

Getting to Santa Cruz Church:

From Pasay or Buendia in Metro Manila, ride a bus, like JAC Liner, going to Sta. Cruz Laguna. Bus fare is usually around 150 -170 pesos. Tell the conductor to drop you off nearest the church.

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  1. I love visiting churches and with your post and pictures I can so imagine the peace and serenity of this place. The interiors are splendid and so it the exterior structure . I got so hooked looking at the main picture that it drew me to read the complete post. Beautiful it is

    1. Thank you so much Aditi. =) I really appreciate your comment. =)


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