Vigan Empanadahan - Ilocos Sur

Located at Jacinto Street on the western side of Plaza Burgos in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Vigan Empanadahan is the collective name of the open-air stalls which sells various street foods particularly the famed Vigan empanada.

Vigan Empanadahan 

Vigan Empanadahan Details

Due to its close proximity to Vigan Cathedral and Calle Crisologo, the stalls here are usually jam-packed, particularly during weekends. This place is also quite busy at night especially after the "Dancing Fountain" presentation at Plaza Salcedo.

Vigan Empanadahan - Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Something worth noting

This is how they make empanadas...

Fresh eggs give the Vigan Empanada an amazing taste.

Time to fold the empanada before cooking it.

Regardless of how busy Vigan Empanadahan gets during lunch and dinner time, it is still best to visit and try out the food there as it ensures the freshness of the food served. Speaking of food, aside from the Vigan empanadas, other street foods available in Vigan Empanadahan are; okoy, barbecue (of different variants), arroz caldo, sinanglao, and mami.

The Vigan Empanada swimming in oil. Yummy!

I got to visit Vigan Empanadahan after our failed attempt to watch Plaza Salcedo's Dancing Fountains during our 2017 Ilocos Sur - Ilocos Norte Road Trip and just like what I have said, the place was jam-packed with local and foreign diners. It took us almost an hour to get our order. Regarding my Vigan empanada experience, it will come out in a separate food trip article as it might make this article into a novel.

My wife enjoying her Vigan Empanada!

Vigan Empanadahan Admission Fees

Vigan Empanadahan is FREE to visit. You might want to spend 50 -100 pesos to buy the Vigan Empanada and also some other delicacies sold here. 

Vigan Empanadahan Opening Hours

Vigan Empanadahan opens from 2PM - late night.

Why visit Vigan Empanadahan?

Overall, Vigan Empanadahan is a perfect place to dine if you're on a tight budget or if you want to experience the culinary treat of the city. Make sure to leave your primadona friends behind as this place could get quite noisy.

Getting to Vigan Empanadahan:

From Cubao, ride a bus heading to Vigan City. Once there, ride a tricycle that will bring you directly to Vigan Empanadahan.

Overall rating


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