Lion's Head (Kennon Road) - Benguet

Found along Kennon Road in the outskirts of Baguio City in Benguet, Lion's Head is a 40-foot man-made and painted gigantic rock that resembles a lion's head. It was commissioned by the Lions Club of Baguio City.

Baguio's Lion's Head
Lion's Head

Lion's Head details

So what's behind the giant lion's head sculpture? The story goes that years ago when tourists started to flock to Baguio City by means of Kennon Road, they used a large rock, which is naturally shaped like a lion, as a landmark that they are near Baguio City. Due to its popularity, the city government decided to "remodel" the large rock so that it would literally be known as the Lion's Head.

Lion's Head - Baguio City, Benguet

Say "hello kitty!"


Construction of the present-day Lion's Head landmark began in 1968. Preparations were done by a group of miners and engineers while the carving of the rock was rendered by an Ifugao artist and woodcarver named Reynald Lopez Nanyac.

Lion's Head brought to you by Davies Paint and LIONS International

However, the construction was postponed for several years before being continued in 1971 and was finally unveiled in 1977.

He's one popular lion...

The Lion's Head has undergone several restoration projects in the past years. It has also undergone several color changes before finally settling down with its traditional gold and black color.

The Backpack Adventures visits Lion's Head

Today, the Lion's Head stands proud not just as a landmark but also as a tourist destination in the Summer Capital of the Philippines -Baguio City. 

My wife and I got to visit Lion's Head during our 2017 Ifugao-Mt. Province - Benguet trip. Although this was not our first time visiting Lion's Head, this is the first time that we got to visit it together and also the first time that I got to write about it.

Lion's Head Admission Fee

It's FREE to go near and have photos of Lion's Head.

Lion's Head Operating Hours

Lion's Head is open 24/7. However, be careful visiting it at night as there are numerous vehicles plying this route.

Why visit Lion's Head?

Lion's Head is probably the most famous landmark of Baguio City. It's a must-visit if you are on a road trip to Baguio City. Some say that you have not really toured Baguio City unless you have a picture with this landmark as your backdrop. 

Getting to Lion's Head: 

From Manila, there are several bus companies that offer daily trips directly to Baguio City. 

bus fare: P450-500
From the bus terminal, you could rent a taxi to bring you to your desired destination

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