Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery - Laguna

Located in Barangay Bambang in the municipality of Nagcarlan in Laguna, Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is a national historic landmark and museum of the town. It is also the only underground cemetery in the country.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery History

The Baroque cemetery was established in 1845 under the directives of Fr. Vicente Velloc. The cemetery's circular outline gives it its unique appearance. What makes Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery more unique is the chapel with an underground chamber at the far end of its entrance.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery - Nagcarlan, Laguna
Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery - Nagcarlan, Laguna

The wooden panel outside the cemetery

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery NHI marker

The niches and their tenants

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery or Libingan sa Ilalim ng Lupa ng Nagcarlan was built as a public burial site that occupies a hectare of land at the foot of Mt. San Cristobal. Despite being a public burial site, its crypt is exclusively for Spanish friars and prominent elite Catholic families of the town. The oldest tomb dates back to 1886 while the last interment was dated 1982.

Inside the chapel in Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Let's go down Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery's crypt

Inside the chamber of Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Another look at the crypt

The wooden door at the far end is an alternative way to get into the chamber

The underground cemetery became an important part of the Philippine Revolutionary history when it served as a meeting place of the revolutionary leaders of the Katipunan in 1896. Aside from that, the infamous Filipino "balimbing" or turncoat Pedro Paterno also met with Gen. Severino Taino at the cemetery to plan the Pact of Biak-na-Bato in 1897. The cemetery's historical and military role did not end there though, it also served as a hideout for Filipino leaders during the Philippine-American War and also of the Filipino guerillas during World War 2.

My co-teachers posing at the entrance of the cemetery

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery underwent renovations and restoration jobs after being declared a National Historic Landmark. It was reopened to the public during the unveiling of the historical marker on October 24, 1981. 

The chapel as seen from the parking area outside

Today, Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery looks more of a park than a cemetery. Despite this, there are still 240 apartment-type niches on the walls on the sides of its chapel while inside it is an additional 36 niches. The cemetery is surrounded by octagonal stone walls made of red tiles with iron-wrought grills. Its main entrance which also serves as its facade measures 18 feet high. From the entrance, a red-tiled pathway leads to the chapel on the other side of the entrance. 

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery - looks really beautiful from this angle

Speaking of the chapel, it contains a statue of Santo Sepulco. This chapel serves as a place for requiem or funeral mass. On its right side near its entrance is a flight of steps that leads to the underground crypt. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

I got to visit Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery as part of our road trip going to Cagbalete Island. It was easy to spot since it's just beside the main road. Visitors could park their cars in the parking spaces outside the cemetery. There is also a gas station where one can park his car. 

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery Entrance Fee:

Good news! Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is FREE to enter. You can, however, give donations for its maintenance.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery Opening Hours:

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is open from 8AM to 4PM.

Why visit Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery?

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is probably one of the most picturesque Spanish Colonial era cemeteries. Aside from that, it's also one of the most historic. Make sure to visit the historic Nagcarlan Church too when you have the opportunity.

Getting to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery:

From Manila, ride a bus to heading to Lucena City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at San Pablo City in Laguna. From there ride a tricycle to the jeep terminal going to Nagcarlan. Ride a jeep heading to the said town and tell the driver to drop you off at the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

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  1. This is a very interesting place! We were there just last week!

    1. I'm really glad to hear that you guys find this place amazing. =)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi po, entrance is free. If you choose to give oit donations pwede rin po.

  3. Would you know if they are open to tourists on Mondays?

    1. Hi there! The grounds might be open on Mondays, I just don't know about the chamber though.

  4. hello wanna know if they open on weekends?

    1. Hello po Sit meron po ba magseserve as tour guide po namin dyan?

    2. Hi there! You don't actually need a tour guide here. =) If you want too may mga nakaduty na locals sa loob ng chapel sa dulo. You may want to approach them and ask for the historical details of the place. =)

  5. Hi. May educational tour kami pa Laguna. We want to include this in our itinerary. Do we need permission to enter or request a tour for 40pax?

    1. Hi there! This is free of charge. =) Kahit buong barangay pa po isama ninyo puwede. Pero pagpapasok kayo sa loob nung chamber, I suggest by 10 para di masikip and makapagpicture kayo. =)

  6. Hi! Bukas kaya sila ngayong holy week?

  7. Hello! Gaano po katagal yung biyahe mula Buendia papunta San Pedro Laguna?

  8. pwede po ba magvlog doon?, for project purposes lang po

    1. Oo naman. Don't worry di mo magigising ang mga patay dito. =)

  9. Hello po,ask ko lg if open po kayo even may pandemic.

  10. Replies
    1. Nadaanan namin ang Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery last month, sadly, sarado pa po.

    2. Hi open po kaya ang underground cemetery sa october 31? Thank you in advance.

    3. Hi there, sarado pa po siya unless magbago po ang local policy ng lalawigan.


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