Plaza Barlin - Camarines Sur

Located in the middle of Barlin and Arana Streets in the City of Naga in Camarines Sur, Plaza Barlin is one of the several plazas found in this historic city.

Plaza Jorge Barlin
Plaza Barlin

Plaza Barlin Details

The street and the plaza (with its monument) were named to honor Monsignor Jorge Barlin.
So who is Monsignor Jorge Barlin?

Plaza Barlin - Naga City, Camarines Sur

Jorge Imperial Barlin was born on April 23,1852 in Baao, Camarines Sur. He was known for his impressive list of "firsts" for Philippine history. Msgr. Barlin was the first clergyman to become civil governor of the province of Sorsogon. He served the province from Sept. 1898 to 1900. He was also the first Filipino to head both positions in the government and the church. 

Monsignor Jorge Barlin

He was also the first and probably the only Catholic priest to be offered the supreme prelacy of the Philippine Independent Church, also known as Aglipayan Church.  Lastly, he became the first Filipino Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.

Monsignor Barlin - first clergyman to become civil governor of the province of Sorsogon

It was not his position that endeared him to the people of Camarines Sur but his passion to help others. He served the Filipinos with honesty and love that's why until now he is remembered by the people.

Jorge Barlin's statue

I have visited the plaza with my mom and aunt during our tour of Naga City. to be honest I find Plaza Barlin to be too small to be a plaza. It lacks the "glory" and "story" of the man whose monument stands there. The plaza is merely a plot of land in the middle of an intersection where people would just pass by. It probably would be a source of traffic someday when there are more vehicles in the city. Regardless, as long as it stands, it will constantly remind the people of Naga of what one can achieve if they have faith and good works. 

The life of Jorge Barlin

In my opinion, if the local government would want to glorify Msgr. Barlin, at least add some panels of plates that would tell his life story for those who would want to know him more. 

Team Nicerio visits Plaza Jorge Barlin

Plaza Barlin Entrance Fee

It's FREE to visit and explore Plaza Barlin.

Plaza Barlin Operating Hours

Plaza Barlin is open 24 hours.

Why visit Plaza Barlin?

To be honest, there is nothing much to do and see in Plaza Barlin. However, it is one of those places in Naga City which you can visit to learn more about one of the known sons of Naga City. 

Getting to Plaza Barlin:

From Manila, board a bus heading to Naga City. Inform the conductor to drop you off at the tricycle station. You could ride a tricycle heading to the plaza. 

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