Universal CityWalk Osaka - Osaka

Located at 6 Chome-2-61 Shimaya, Konohana Ward, Osaka City in Osaka Prefecture, Universal CityWalk Osaka is an entertainment and retail district that serves as an entrance plaza to Universal Studios Japan.

Universal CityWalk Osaka

Universal CityWalk Osaka Details

We got to visit Universal CityWalk Osaka during the 6th day of our 2014-2015 Japan trip. It is very accessible to Hotel Keihan which was our home for the day. Since it's very close we got the chance to visit the Osaka Takoyaki Museum and eat dinner at the Daikisuisan Revolving Sushi restaurant and then lunch the next day at Ra-men restaurant.

Universal CityWalk Osaka - Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Universal CityWalk Osaka has a shopping mall that is filled with numerous shops and restaurants. It also connects Universal Studios Japan with the nearby Universal-City Station. The first CityWalk originated as an expansion of Universal Studios Hollywood. Since then each park had its own CityWalk. 

Checking out the Osaka Takoyaki Museum

Hotel Keihan our home for a day.
Aside from that we also got the chance to watch a monkey show at the Universal CityWalk Osaka. Lastly, the Universal CityWalk Osaka is also the last part of Universal Studios Japan that we got to visit before going back home to Kumatori (because the train station is there). 

So many restaurants to choose from...

There's even a monkey show

It's also nice to visit it at night

Dinner at Daikisuisan Revolving Sushi

All those colorful neon signs make this place a must-visit at night

Visitors who visit the Universal CityWalk Osaka would probably say that it's a mix of Western and Japanese cultures, particularly the restaurants and the food they serve. If you plan to dine at the Universal Citywalk Osaka you have a wide array of restaurants to choose from... from the local dishes (Japanese food) to Western-style food and even Indian cuisines. The good thing about the Universal CityWalk Osaka is that you don't need to pay any entrance fees to visit it because it is outside the theme park (and there are no rides to line up to). 

Here's where we had lunch.

Overall, Universal CityWalk Osaka is a great place to bond with friends or buy souvenirs without paying for entrance tickets.

The JR Universal-City Station

Team Nicerio visits Universal CityWalk Osaka

Universal CityWalk Osaka Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter Universal City Walk Osaka and explore its grounds. However, you might want to bring in some money so that you could buy something in the different restaurants and shops here.

Universal CityWalk Osaka Operating Hours

Universal CityWalk Osaka is open 24/7. However, the operating hours of shops and restaurants vary.

Why visit Universal CityWalk Osaka?

Universal CityWalk Osaka is in itself a tourist destination. It offers numerous souvenir shops and restaurants for all kinds of visitors. It doesn't matter if you can visit it in the morning or at night as it both scenic regarding of what time you visit. 

Getting to Universal CityWalk Osaka:

From Kansai International Airport (KIX) ride a JR rapid to Nishikujo Station then transfer to the JR Yumesaki Line to JR Universal-City Station. The whole travel is estimated to last 70 - 75 minutes.

Overall rating


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