Laguna: Sta Elena Fun Farm

Located in Sta. Elena in the city of Cabuyao in Laguna province, Sta Elena Fun Farm is a great place to bring your children on a weekend family bonding getaway.

If you're looking for a place away from the crowded malls and traffic jams of the city, then a trip to Fun Farm is fit for you and your family. You'd surely enjoy the quiet provincial atmosphere (with the seasonal quacks from passing ducks) of Fun Farm. Your children would also enjoy the farm activities that they only hear from their grandparents who live in far-flung provinces.

Here are some animals on the farm:
Chocnut the Carabao

One of the many rabbits in the farm
The hamster gang
Fun Farm is surely a nature lover's haven. I highly recommend this place for family picnics, kiddie birthday parties, and even field trips. For an entrance fee of only 300 pesos pax, your kids (including you) would have plenty of activities to try and enjoy like:

Horseback riding
mini row-boating
accomplishing the rope obstacle course
fishing (that one is one of the largest caught that day. Hahaha!)
carabao-cart riding
riding the zipline
playing in the sandbox house
Animal feeding
If you're planning to visit Fun Farm, you should keep these in mind:
  1. Contact Fun Farm first for reservations and additional details. (Farm visits are by appointment only) Fun Farm contact details: 0920-468-8785 or 0918-888-6588
  2. Head to Fun Farm early. The farm operates from 9AM to 4PM.
  3. Bring your own food and plenty of water. There are no food stalls inside the vicinity of Fun Farm.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. Keep in mind that Fun Farm may get muddy if it rains. Bringing an extra slipper or sandal is highly recommended. Don't forget your extra clothes.
  5. It's wise to wear sunblock and some insect repellent.
  6. Avoid bringing disposable plastic or styrofoam tableware/containers. Leave nothing but your footprints.
  7. Fun Farm is really a farm. Expect the aroma of the farm animals. =)
  8. Enjoy! But don't hurt the animals in the process. (Don't even try to bring them home!)
I only visited Fun Farm twice in a span of 3 years. However, my fun experiences there with my students keep me praying that the itinerary for the field trip next year still includes Fun Farm.
One of the farm trucks in the farm
Getting there:

1. From Manila, board a bus or van heading to Alabang Filinvest Terminal.
2. From Alabang Filinvest Terminal, board a van going to Mamatid and get off at Cabuyao Exit.
3. From there ride a tricycle heading to Fun Farm or you could walk towards Sta. Elena Village, follow the sign directing you to Fun Farm.

Overall ratings


  1. Mukhang magandang mag field trip sa Sta. Elena Fun Farm.

    1. Maganda nga po. Hoping to revisit the place again in the future.


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