Best Buffet Tactics

Being a foodie or a food lover is a common trait among adventurous Filipinos (like me). We never back down on any food (as long as it's edible and of course won't kill us). Be it fine dining, street foods, or exotic delicacies we would always take the opportunity to try it out but mind you, we're not gluttons we just love this kind of adventure. That's why we consider buffet and eat-all-you-can restaurants as our paradise.

Best Buffet Tactics

Speaking of buffet restaurants, My wife and I decided to celebrate her birthday at one. Because we brought our baby daughter along with us we had to take turns getting food from the buffet area. And because of that, I happen to have a chance to look around and observe the people around me (I didn't enjoy what I saw). Due to the fact that my wife took years filling up her plate, I managed to make my list of The Best Buffet Tactics that would help every foodie come out a winner during their buffet adventures.

Take time to read my list before attacking the buffet restaurant near you.

1. Money Matters- So you're planning to visit the buffet restaurant huh. Ask yourself these questions before heading there. "How much am I willing to spend?" "How many am I bringing along?" "Will they pay or will I pay for them?" -Once you have an answer to those questions then you're ready for the next tip.

2. Google it up- Reading this tip means you have the money to pay for the meal. So the next thing that you should do is Google the following details: 
Location- You should know the exact location of the restaurant even if it is inside the mall. 
Price- You should not go over your budget. Stick to how much you could afford to spend. Keep in mind that prices differ depending on the day.
Promos- You should know what promos to avail. Who knows you might get to dine for free!
Contact details- You should know that the wisest foodie never forgets this one.

3. Reserve- Once all the details are as clear as crystal, call the restaurant and reserve for your desired day. Make sure to book a week before. No one wants to be rushed right?  

4. Lessen food intakeAt least a few days before the main day you should lessen your food intake. However, never go beyond that to the point of not eating at all. If you do that you'd tend to eat faster thus you'd lose your best skill..."self-control". Condition yourself that you have a big day ahead of you and you're good to go.

5. Dress for the occasionOn the big day, don't wear tight jeans or clothes. Wear something that would allow you to gain a few extra inches on the tummy part. Keep in mind that you've prepared for this a long time ago. Don't ruin it because you are overdressed! 

6. Be an early bird- Even if you reserved but didn't show up on time, some restaurants would tend to give your table to other guests. Some restaurants would contact you first and give you at least 30 minutes of grace time. So to avoid hassles show up on time or preferably earlier. 

7. Scan the battlefield- Ok, so you came in early and got yourself a seat. Don't attack the food immediately! Take time to go around the restaurant and familiarize yourself with the place. Also, check out the buffet area look for the food that you really want to try. Most importantly Know where the comfort rooms are it will save you from disaster.

8Interview-  Find time to talk and interview the chef or head waiter if possible. You should ask them about the food and promos. Ask them about the best sellers too. Don't be shy to ask for prices or if the drinks are included or not. (yup! some buffet restaurants charge you for drinks while some have it for free. So careful!)

9Just water- Going back to the drinks that I mentioned in tip #8, I highly suggest that you avoid them especially iced teas. Those drinks will make you lose your "power" or hunger as common people call it. If you really need to drink, then ask for water. Don't worry it's free of charge but be mindful! Anything you intake takes up space in your stomach. So drink moderately. 

10. Food matters- Now, for the most important tip that you should know -the one and only FOOD! Since there are plenty of tips regarding the food I have sub-categorized it below:

Food details- When getting food from the buffet area be mindful of what you're taking, remember that you're goal is to maximize your money's worth and not to get full easily. So I'm including a detailed "food map" for you.

Father-daughter team up!

Tummy meter means how heavy the food is to your digestive system. The heavier the food the faster you get full. 
Price in the market is rated as follows - Very expensive, Quite expensive, Expensive,  Not so expensive, Generally cheap, Cheap

Type                         - Tummy meter               - Price in the market

Meat Beef                                Very Heavy                                         Quite expensive
Meat Pork                                Very Heavy                                         Expensive
Meat Chicken                           Heavy                                                  Expensive
Meat Lamb                               Very Heavy                                         Very expensive
Rice                                          Moderate -Heavy                              Cheap
Bread                                        Light- Moderate                                 Cheap
Side dish                                   Light- Moderate                             Generally cheap -Expensive
Seafood (fish)                           Moderate                                           Expensive
Seafood (shrimp/squid)            Moderate- Heavy                             Very expensive 
Seafoods (clam/scallop)           Moderate                                           Quite expensive
Veggie                                       Light                                                   Generally cheap
Fruits                                         Light- Moderate                                Cheap- not so expensive
Dumplings /Siomai                    Moderate                                          Not so expensive
Soup  /Noodles                         Light -Moderate                                Not so expensive
Sushi, Sashimi, etc.                  Moderate                                           Expensive
Raw food                                  Moderate                                     Not so expensive -Expensive
Sweets                                      Very Heavy                                         Not so expensive
Drinks /Juice                             Very Heavy                                          Generally cheap

Here is a list of some very expensive foods that you MUST eat if you see one:
Nido soup

Seasonings/ Dips- Don't just focus on the available food, you should be aware that there other things that would make your food taste much better, and those are the seasonings/ dips. Not only does it add taste to your food, but some seasonings are also uncommon and some are quite expensive. So take the time to try it out and experiment. Who knows you might have your own Eureka! moment.

So what are you waiting for! Let's go to the nearest eat-all-you-can restaurant! (Don't forget to contact me but you'll have to treat me though.)


  1. Great tips! :) I recently went to Vikings and I have to agree with your buffet tactics. I always go for the sashimi & high-ticket items first and skip the rice so as to maximize the more high-value food. Went kind of crazy with the draft beer included in their drink options though :) Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    1. Thanks Kara! hahaha was planning to try vikings but we ended up in yakimix instead. You have a very nice blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Neil! This is nice and timely 👍


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