Ligao Church - Albay

Located in Ligao City in the province of Albay, Ligao Church is one of the 17th-century churches in the province. It was one of those constructed when Christianity was spreading in the region.

Ligao Church

Ligao Church details

Ligao Church is also known as St. Stephen Protomartyr Church. It is a well-known landmark in the city and is frequently visited by tourists and pilgrims alike.

Ligao Church - Ligao City, Albay

St. Stephen Protomartyr Church circa 1966

Ligao Church interior

Ligao Church facade

Ligao Church History Marker

Check out the cemetery beside the church

Although Spanish influence and power were already felt in Ligao during those times. The town of Cavasi (old name of Ligao) was still ruled by tribal leaders. They were called maginoos or chieftains. The town was divided into five ruling groups of maginoos; the Pagkilatan, Maaban, Sanpongan, Makabongay, and Hokoman. 

Ligao Church altar

Due to these divisions, the inhabitants lived in fear all their lives. The town's priest Father Felix de Huerta urged the groups to settle their dispute. With the approval of the other maginoos, Pagkilatan was chosen as the Supreme Chieftain, and peace returned to the town.

Ligao Church belfry

Like most churches in Albay, I visited Ligao Church with my family during our 2010 Albay Road Trip and our 2014 CamSur - Albay Road Trip

Team Nicerio visits Ligao Church

What I like about Ligao Church is its grand appearance. From a distance, you would see the church as if it is asking you to visit it. It is also apparent that like most old churches in Albay, St. Stephen Protomartyr Parish Church is also well maintained.

The Backpack Adventures visits Ligao Church

Ligao Church Entrance Fee

It's FREE to visit Ligao Church and explore its grounds. 

Ligao Church Mass Schedule

Monday - Friday: 6:30AM - 7:30AM / 5:15PM - 6:15PM
Saturday: 6:30AM - 7:30AM / 4PM -5PM / 5:30PM - 6:30PM (Anticipated Mass)
Sunday: 7AM - 8AM / 8:30AM - 9:30AM / 10AM - 11AM / 2:30PM - 3:30PM / 4PM - 5PM / 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Why visit Ligao Church?

Ligao Church is one of the Spanish-colonial era churches in the province of Albay. It's one of the must-visit if you are on a pilgrimage tour or Visita Iglesia in the province

Getting to Ligao Church

by air:

1. Several airline companies offer flights to Legazpi Domestic Airport.
2. Once there, go to Legazpi Grand Terminal. There are vans bound for Ligao.
van fare: P60-100

by land:

1. Buses from Manila bound for Legazpi City usually pass by Ligao
bus fare: P700-1000

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  1. Hy my friend how are you and your beatiful
    Familie,hy hoppe that ewrything is in orden,
    wonderfull churche. Not so far hy supose,this is nice to heave good tradisjon and cultur in this
    days the people luses it's faithe,and culture
    this hy thinck it's not so good for oss in the end whi whill nead that suport the faithe is
    givend to the peaple.hy whille come back to this
    beautifull place of yours.Isilda

    1. Hello my friend!
      We are doing fine how about you?
      I'm happy to hear that you're also and admirer of churches and old establishments. I agree that the generation now tends to lose the passion for faith and culture. I think that faith gives people a deeper understanding of life. Same goes to churches, it connects us with the past. Thanks again Isilda!


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