Ilocos Sur: Kapuluan Vista Resort

Found near Pagudpud's beautiful white sand beach, Kapuluan Vista Resort is truly located in paradise. If you're looking for a great place to escape the monotonous city life, a day or two in Kapuluan Vista Resort would be perfect for you.

The key feature of the resort is the natural resources that surrounds it. Not only does it offer a beautiful backdrop for the resort, it also diversifies the activities that the resort could offer. Kapuluan Vista Resort offers snorkeling, diving, surfing, hiking, and biking for those who are looking for an adventure.

Facade of the resort

Resort interior
Aside from that Kapuluan Vista Resort also offers a variety of mouth watering meals. Whether its Filipino cuisine or Western cuisine, you could be assured that all their meals are made with freshly picked vegetables and herbs from their organic garden. Their meals are perfect for those who are health conscious but loves to give their tummies a treat.

Enjoy the fresh food and...
After enjoying the resort amenities  and food, You would surely love to pamper yourself with a blissful sleep in one of the resort's clean and reasonably priced rooms.

You can take a dip in their pool
You would surely love the sea
Try surfing.
Admire the beauty around you
It you're on a tight budget, Kapuluan Vista Resort has dormitories that could easily fit your budget.*

Dormitory 1 (2 pax): P650/person
Dormitory 2 (6 pax): P650/person

If you want a first class private room, try out the following:*

Standard (2pax) : P2700
Deluxe w/o loft (2pax): P3700
Deluxe w/ loft (4pax): P4750

*Keep in mind that rates during Holy Week and other Holidays are higher than the above.
Pamper yourself with a good night sleep...

Getting there by land: 

There are bus lines that offer daily trips bound directly to Pagudpud. It's an 11 to 12 hour trip, but it sure is cheaper than taking a plane to Laoag City then hopping on a bus to reach Pagudpud.

Getting there by air: 
Most airline companies offer daily flights to Laoag City. From Laoag City hop on a bus bound for Pagudpud. Although this option is quite expensive, this trip would only take 2-3 hours of your time to travel to Pagudpod.


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  1. You're lucky. The last time I checked them to book, they were fully booked. They almost always are. I ended up staying in another resort.

    1. =) It's better to book early. I bet you would surely love their food.

  2. Isa ito sa pinakamagandang resort dito sa probinsya namin. Madalas punuan yan pag bakasyon.


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