The Adventurer's List

Este paratus- Be Prepared... This should be your own personal motto if you're planning to start your own adventure. Keep in mind that going on an adventure is not for the weak of hearts nor for the "squirmish". So before everything else get your notepads and start jotting down the essentials of becoming a certified adventurer. Well at least from my own experience. Take it from me. =)

1. Getting to know what you're getting into should be the first in your list. 
Remember that you're not Nostradamus who could predict what's up for you on your adventure. Research the place that you want to conquer before buying any tickets. 

2. Make an itinerary.
Just a simple overview of the places and schedule would do. Adding a detailed map would be better. 

3.  Google for a reliable contact.
If you're planning to go to an unfamiliar place it would be better if you already know someone who could be trusted and knows the native dialect. In this way, you could avoid misunderstandings with the people around you.

4. Set your own limits.
Money is power. Know how much you could splurge on a single day. Being an adventurer means you could live off with what little amount you have. You don't want to be hitchhiking for a ride home, do you?

5. Buy tickets early.
Prices of airplane tickets vary depending on the month or place that you plan to go to. Always check newspapers or airline websites for updates. As for buses, you could also compare fares from different companies. If you have a trusted transport company keep in mind that the fare prices also differ depending on what time of the day you plan to leave.
Example: Victory Liner Bound from Pasay to Baguio 11:15AM costs P750 compared to a trip scheduled to leave at 1:15PM which costs only P650.

6. Pack light.
You're not a turtle. One backpack would be enough. Just make sure that you spare some space in your bag for souvenirs and pasalubongs for mom that you could buy along the way. 

7. Wear appropriate clothing. 
Kick the Lady Gaga out of your system. Overdressing is a no-no for an adventurer. Wear comfortable and less eye catchy clothes to enjoy your travel and of course, keep you safe.

8. Be respectful.
The attitude you bring is also the attitude you get. When you're in the Philippines the word NO is sometimes considered disrespectful. If they offer you a field mouse for lunch, smile and just munch it down. (Wait for them to have the first bite, being the butt of jokes is worse than having diarrhea.)

9. Update your family.
It's not about bragging where you are but informing them about your whereabouts. Make sure they know what you're up to, well unless you're with Diego Buñuel. 

 10. Take pictures. (Thousands of it!)
"Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time." Keeping it all in your head for future reminiscing doesn't sound like a good idea. Sort out the best pictures and post in on your Facebook for the world to see.

Well my friend you're ready and it's time to begin our adventure!


  1. like it! :) and of course, during the adventure, you would need a companion to whom you want to share the experiences with - and to take pictures of you too. =p (ehem!)

  2. I agree =) siyempre mas masarap kung asawa ang kasama mo =)


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